Ingemar Denbratt
Ingemar Denbratt
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IJER editorial: The future of the internal combustion engine
RD Reitz, H Ogawa, R Payri, T Fansler, S Kokjohn, Y Moriyoshi, ...
International Journal of Engine Research 21 (1), 3-10, 2020
A four stroke camless engine, operated in homogeneous charge compression ignition mode with commercial gasoline
L Koopmans, I Denbratt
SAE Transactions, 2324-2337, 2001
Low temperature combustion in a heavy duty diesel engine using high levels of EGR
M Alriksson, I Denbratt
SAE Technical Paper, 2006
Laser-induced fluorescence of formaldehyde in combustion using third harmonic Nd: YAG laser excitation
C Brackmann, J Nygren, X Bai, Z Li, H Bladh, B Axelsson, I Denbratt, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 59 (14 …, 2003
HCCI operation of a passenger car common rail DI diesel engine with early injection of conventional diesel fuel
A Helmantel, I Denbratt
SAE Technical Paper, 2004
Optical studies of spray development and combustion of water-in-diesel emulsion and microemulsion fuels
R Ochoterena, A Lif, M Nydén, S Andersson, I Denbratt
Fuel 89 (1), 122-132, 2010
Demonstrating a SI-HCCI-SI mode change on a Volvo 5-cylinder electronic valve control engine
L Koopmans, H Ström, S Lundgren, O Backlund, I Denbratt
SAE Technical Paper, 2003
Direct gasoline injection in the negative valve overlap of a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
L Koopmans, R Ogink, I Denbratt
SAE transactions, 1365-1376, 2003
Cycle to cycle variations: Their influence on cycle resolved gas temperature and unburned hydrocarbons from a camless gasoline compression ignition engine
L Koopmans, O Backlund, I Denbratt
SAE Technical Paper, 2002
Simulation of a two-stroke free piston engine
J Fredriksson, I Denbratt
SAE Technical Paper, 2004
Turbulence characteristics of tumbling air motion in four-valve SI engines and their correlation with combustion parameters
O Hadded, I Denbratt
SAE transactions, 741-759, 1991
Low soot, low NOx in a heavy duty diesel engine using high levels of EGR
M Alriksson, T Rente, I Denbratt
SAE technical paper, 2005
Experimental investigation into the combustion characteristics of a methanol-Diesel heavy duty engine operated in RCCI mode
Z Jia, I Denbratt
Fuel 226, 745-753, 2018
Diesel combustion with reduced nozzle orifice diameter
P Bergstrand, I Denbratt
SAE technical paper, 2001
HCCI combustion using charge stratification for combustion control
AW Berntsson, I Denbratt
SAE Technical Paper, 2007
Improving the NOx/fuel economy trade-off for gasoline engines with the CCVS combustion system
J Stokes, TH Lake, MJ Christie, I Denbratt
SAE transactions, 747-755, 1994
Piston temperature measurement by use of thermographic phosphors and thermocouples in a heavy-duty diesel engine run under partly premixed conditions
T Husberg, S Gjirja, I Denbratt, A Omrane, M Aldén, J Engström
SAE Technical Paper, 2005
Effect of using butanol and octanol isomers on engine performance of steady state and cold start ability in different types of Diesel engines
T Zhang, LJ Nilsson, C Björkholtz, K Munch, I Denbratt
Fuel 184, 708-717, 2016
Measurements of fuel film thickness in the inlet port of an SI engine by laser induced fluorescence
G Almkvist, I Denbratt, G Josefsson, I Magnusson
SAE transactions, 2366-2373, 1995
Comparison of cylinder pressure based knock detection methods
K Burgdorf, I Denbratt
SAE transactions, 1357-1374, 1997
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