Rodrigo Vargas PÍgas
Rodrigo Vargas PÍgas
Universidade Federal do ABC
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A basal tapejarine (Pterosauria; Pterodactyloidea; Tapejaridae) from the crato formation, Early Cretaceous of Brazil
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The Baurusuchidae vs Theropoda record in the Bauru Group (Upper Cretaceous, Brazil): a taphonomic perspective
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On Targaryendraco wiedenrothi gen. nov. (Pterodactyloidea, Pteranodontoidea, Lanceodontia) and recognition of a new cosmopolitan lineage of Cretaceous†…
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Interpreting character variation in turtles: Araripemys barretoi (Pleurodira: Pelomedusoides) from the Araripe Basin, Early Cretaceous of Northeastern Brazil
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A surprisingly derived hydrometrid (Hemiptera, Gerromorpha) from the Crato Formation, Early Cretaceous of Brazil
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Palaeohistology and palaeopathology of an Aeolosaurini (Sauropoda: Titanosauria) from Morro do Cambambe (Upper Cretaceous, Brazil)
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A review on animal hybridization’s role in evolution and conservation: Canis rufus (Audubon and Bachman) 1851—A case study
RV PÍgas
International Scholarly Research Notices 2013, 2013
The first Jurassic theropod from the Sergi Formation, JatobŠ Basin, Brazil
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Anais da Academia Brasileira de CiÍncias 93, 2021
The history, importance and anatomy of the specimen that validated the giant Purussaurus brasiliensis Barbosa-Rodrigues 1892 (Crocodylia: Caimaninae)
LG SOUZA, KLN Bandeira, RV PÍgas, AS Brum, R Machado, ...
Anais da Academia Brasileira de CiÍncias 93, 2021
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