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New roles for cis-jasmone as an insect semiochemical and in plant defense
MA Birkett, CAM Campbell, K Chamberlain, E Guerrieri, AJ Hick, JL Martin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (16), 9329-9334, 2000
Aphid alarm pheromone produced by transgenic plants affects aphid and parasitoid behavior
MH Beale, MA Birkett, TJA Bruce, K Chamberlain, LM Field, AK Huttly, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (27), 10509-10513, 2006
Novel use of stir bar sorptive extraction (SBSE) as a tool for isolation of oviposition site attractants for gravid Culex quinquefasciatus
C Carson, MA Birkett, JG Logan, K Mawa, HV Pates, JA Pickett, ...
Bulletin of entomological research 100 (1), 1-7, 2010
Underground signals carried through common mycelial networks warn neighbouring plants of aphid attack
Z Babikova, L Gilbert, TJA Bruce, M Birkett, JC Caulfield, C Woodcock, ...
Ecology letters 16 (7), 835-843, 2013
Identification of human-derived volatile chemicals that interfere with attraction of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
JG Logan, MA Birkett, SJ Clark, S Powers, NJ Seal, LJ Wadhams, ...
Journal of chemical ecology 34 (3), 308, 2008
Exploiting semiochemicals in insect control
N Agelopoulos, MA Birkett, AJ Hick, AM Hooper, JA Pickett, EM Pow, ...
Pesticide science 55 (3), 225-235, 1999
Maize landraces recruit egg and larval parasitoids in response to egg deposition by a herbivore
A Tamiru, TJA Bruce, CM Woodcock, JC Caulfield, CAO Midega, ...
Ecology Letters 14 (11), 1075-1083, 2011
cis-Jasmone induces Arabidopsis genes that affect the chemical ecology of multitrophic interactions with aphids and their parasitoids
TJA Bruce, MC Matthes, K Chamberlain, CM Woodcock, A Mohib, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (12), 4553-4558, 2008
Achieving food security for one million sub-Saharan African poor through push–pull innovation by 2020
ZR Khan, CAO Midega, JO Pittchar, AW Murage, MA Birkett, TJA Bruce, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369 …, 2014
Response of economically important aphids to components of Hemizygia petiolata essential oil
TJA Bruce, MA Birkett, J Blande, AM Hooper, JL Martin, B Khambay, ...
Pest Management Science: formerly Pesticide Science 61 (11), 1115-1121, 2005
Response of the seven-spot ladybird to an aphid alarm pheromone and an alarm pheromone inhibitor is mediated by paired olfactory cells
S Al Abassi, MA Birkett, J Pettersson, JA Pickett, LJ Wadhams, ...
Journal of Chemical Ecology 26 (7), 1765-1771, 2000
The role of volatile semiochemicals in mediating host location and selection by nuisance and disease‐transmitting cattle flies
MA Birkett, N Agelopoulos, KMV Jensen, JB Jespersen, JA Pickett, ...
Medical and veterinary entomology 18 (4), 313-322, 2004
Aphid sex pheromones: from discovery to commercial production
MA Birkett, JA Pickett
Phytochemistry 62 (5), 651-656, 2003
Identification of volatile compounds used in host location by the black bean aphid, Aphis fabae
B Webster, T Bruce, S Dufour, C Birkemeyer, M Birkett, J Hardie, J Pickett
Journal of chemical ecology 34 (9), 1153-1161, 2008
Volatiles from Whitefly-Infested Plants Elicit a Host-Locating Response in the Parasitoid, Encarsia formosa
MA Birkett, K Chamberlain, E Guerrieri, JA Pickett, LJ Wadhams, ...
Journal of chemical ecology 29 (7), 1589-1600, 2003
Antennal electrophysiological responses of three parasitic wasps to caterpillar-induced volatiles from maize (Zea mays mays), cotton (Gossypium herbaceum), and cowpea (Vigna …
S Gouinguené, JA Pickett, LJ Wadhams, MA Birkett, TCJ Turlings
Journal of chemical ecology 31 (5), 1023-1038, 2005
Electroantennogram and behavioural responses of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae to human‐specific sweat components
C Costantini, MA Birkett, G Gibson, J Ziesmann, NF Sagnon, ...
Medical and veterinary entomology 15 (3), 259-266, 2001
Ladybird beetle odour identified and found to be responsible for attraction between adults
S Al Abassi, MA Birkett, J Pettersson, JA Pickett, CM Woodcock
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences CMLS 54 (8), 876-879, 1998
Semiochemicals for biting fly control: their identification and exploitation
JG Logan, MA Birkett
Pest Management Science: formerly Pesticide Science 63 (7), 647-657, 2007
Does allelopathy offer real promise for practical weed management and for explaining rhizosphere interactions involving higher plants?
MA Birkett, K Chamberlain, AM Hooper, JA Pickett
Plant and Soil 232 (1-2), 31-39, 2001
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