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High-resolution patterns of quantum dots formed by electrohydrodynamic jet printing for light-emitting diodes
BH Kim, MS Onses, JB Lim, S Nam, N Oh, H Kim, KJ Yu, JW Lee, JH Kim, ...
Nano letters 15 (2), 969-973, 2015
Highly efficient gene silencing activity of siRNA embedded in a nanostructured gyroid cubic lipid matrix
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DNA− Surfactant Complexes at Solid Surfaces
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DNA–cationic amphiphile interactions
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Synthesis and characterization of degradable multivalent cationic lipids with disulfide-bond spacers for gene delivery
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The Hydration of a DNA− Amphiphile Complex
C Leal, L Wadsö, G Olofsson, M Miguel, H Wennerström
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Cuboplexes: Topologically active siRNA delivery
H Kim, C Leal
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Biological lipid membranes for on-demand, wireless drug delivery from thin, bioresorbable electronic implants
CH Lee, H Kim, DV Harburg, G Park, Y Ma, T Pan, JS Kim, NY Lee, ...
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Substance P inhibits bicarbonate secretion from guinea pig pancreatic ducts by modulating an anion exchanger
P Hegyi, MA Gray, BE Argent
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Citrus-peel-derived, nanoporous carbon nanosheets containing redox-active heteroatoms for sodium-ion storage
NR Kim, YS Yun, MY Song, SJ Hong, M Kang, C Leal, YW Park, HJ Jin
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Irreversible structural change of a dry ionic liquid under nanoconfinement
LA Jurado, H Kim, A Arcifa, A Rossi, C Leal, ND Spencer, ...
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Nanogyroids incorporating multivalent lipids: enhanced membrane charge density and pore forming ability for gene silencing
C Leal, KK Ewert, RS Shirazi, NF Bouxsein, CR Safinya
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Dynamic and structural aspects of PEGylated liposomes monitored by NMR
C Leal, S Rögnvaldsson, S Fossheim, EA Nilssen, D Topgaard
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Cationic liposome–nucleic acid complexes: liquid crystal phases with applications in gene therapy
CR Safinya, KK Ewert, C Leal
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Two-dimensional packing of short DNA with nonpairing overhangs in cationic liposome–DNA complexes: from Onsager nematics to columnar nematics with finite-length columns
NF Bouxsein, C Leal, CS McAllister, KK Ewert, Y Li, CE Samuel, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (19), 7585-7595, 2011
Local and translational dynamics in DNA–lipid assemblies monitored by solid-state and diffusion NMR
C Leal, D Sandström, P Nevsten, D Topgaard
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Effect of the environmental humidity on the bulk, interfacial and nanoconfined properties of an ionic liquid
LA Jurado, H Kim, A Rossi, A Arcifa, JK Schuh, ND Spencer, C Leal, ...
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CL Chan, KK Ewert, RN Majzoub, YK Hwu, KS Liang, C Leal, CR Safinya
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Electrostatic attraction between DNA and a cationic surfactant aggregate. The screening effect of salt
C Leal, E Moniri, L Pegado, H Wennerström
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (21), 5999-6005, 2007
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