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Eshan Singh
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Compositional effects on the ignition of FACE gasolines
SM Sarathy, G Kukkadapu, M Mehl, T Javed, A Ahmed, N Naser, ...
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Chemical kinetic insights into the octane number and octane sensitivity of gasoline surrogate mixtures
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Dual-fuel operation of gasoline and natural gas in a turbocharged engine
E Singh, K Morganti, R Dibble
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Effect of pre-chamber enrichment on lean burn pre-chamber spark ignition combustion concept with a narrow-throat geometry
P Hlaing, ME Marquez, E Singh, F Almatrafi, E Cenker, MB Houidi, ...
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2-Methylfuran: A bio-derived octane booster for spark-ignition engines
E Singh, VSB Shankar, R Tripathi, H Pitsch, SM Sarathy
Fuel 225, 349-357, 2018
Antiknock quality and ignition kinetics of 2-phenylethanol, a novel lignocellulosic octane booster
VSB Shankar, M Al-Abbad, M El-Rachidi, SY Mohamed, E Singh, Z Wang, ...
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Chemical ignition characteristics of ethanol blending with primary reference fuels
E Singh, EA Tingas, D Goussis, HG Im, SM Sarathy
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Simulating HCCI blending octane number of primary reference fuel with ethanol
E Singh, M Waqas, B Johansson, M Sarathy
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The influence of chemical composition on ignition delay times of gasoline fractions
N Naser, AGA Jameel, AH Emwas, E Singh, SH Chung, SM Sarathy
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Prospects of 2, 5-dimethylfuran as a fuel: physico-chemical and engine performance characteristics evaluation
MK Shukla, E Singh, N Singh, SK Singal
Journal of material cycles and waste management 17, 459-464, 2015
Effect of different fluids on injection strategies to suppress pre-ignition
E Singh, P Hlaing, H Shi, R Dibble
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Optimizing split fuel injection strategies to avoid pre-ignition and super-knock in turbocharged engines
E Singh, K Morganti, R Dibble
International Journal of Engine Research 22 (1), 199-221, 2021
Effect of mixture formation and injection strategies on stochastic pre-ignition
E Singh, MJM Ali, A Ichim, K Morganti, R Dibble
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Compositional effects of gasoline fuels on combustion, performance and emissions in engine
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Mechanism triggering pre-ignition in a turbo-charged engine
E Singh, R Dibble
SAE Technical Paper, 2019
The role of intermediate-temperature heat release in octane sensitivity of fuels with matching research octane number
E Singh, SM Sarathy
Energy & Fuels 35 (5), 4457-4477, 2021
Using deep neural networks to diagnose engine pre-ignition
N Kuzhagaliyeva, A Thabet, E Singh, B Ghanem, SM Sarathy
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 38 (4), 5915-5922, 2021
Investigating water injection in single-cylinder gasoline spark-ignited engines at fixed speed
E Singh, P Hlaing, RW Dibble
Energy & Fuels 34 (12), 16636-16653, 2020
Effectiveness of fuel enrichment on knock suppression in a gasoline spark-ignited engine
E Singh, R Dibble
SAE technical paper, 2018
Effect of Pre-Chamber Enrichment on Lean Burn Pre-Chamber Spark Ignition Combustion Concept with a Narrow-Throat Geometry, SAE Technical Paper, 2020
P Hlaing, ME Marquez, E Singh, F Almatrafi, E Cenker, MB Houidi, ...
DOI 10, 2020-01, 2020
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