John Anderies
John Anderies
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From metaphor to measurement: resilience of what to what?
S Carpenter, B Walker, JM Anderies, N Abel
Ecosystems 4 (8), 765-781, 2001
A framework to analyze the robustness of social-ecological systems from an institutional perspective
J Anderies, M Janssen, E Ostrom
Ecology and society 9 (1), 2004
Resilience management in social-ecological systems: a working hypothesis for a participatory approach
B Walker, S Carpenter, J Anderies, N Abel, G Cumming, M Janssen, ...
Conservation ecology 6 (1), 2002
Governance and the capacity to manage resilience in regional social-ecological systems
L Lebel, JM Anderies, B Campbell, C Folke, S Hatfield-Dodds, TP Hughes, ...
Going beyond panaceas
E Ostrom, MA Janssen, JM Anderies
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (39), 15176-15178, 2007
Toward a network perspective of the study of resilience in social-ecological systems
M Janssen, Ö Bodin, J Anderies, T Elmqvist, H Ernstson, RRJ McAllister, ...
Ecology and Society 11 (1), 2006
Fifteen weddings and a funeral: case studies and resilience-based management
J Anderies, B Walker, A Kinzig
Ecology and society 11 (1), 2006
Exploring resilience in social-ecological systems through comparative studies and theory development: introduction to the special issue
B Walker, J Anderies, A Kinzig, P Ryan
Ecology and Society 11 (1), 2006
Resilience, adaptability, and transformability in the Goulburn-Broken Catchment, Australia
B Walker, N Abel, J Anderies, P Ryan
Ecology and society 14 (1), 2009
Robustness of social-ecological systems to spatial and temporal variability
MA Janssen, JM Anderies, E Ostrom
Society and Natural Resources 20 (4), 307-322, 2007
Invasion, competition, and biodiversity loss in urban ecosystems
E Shochat, SB Lerman, JM Anderies, PS Warren, SH Faeth, CH Nilon
BioScience 60 (3), 199-208, 2010
Grazing management, resilience, and the dynamics of a fire-driven rangeland system
JM Anderies, MA Janssen, BH Walker
Ecosystems 5 (1), 23-44, 2002
Collapse and reorganization in social-ecological systems: questions, some ideas, and policy implications
N Abel, DHM Cumming, J Anderies
Ecology and Society 11 (1), 2006
Aligning key concepts for global change policy: robustness, resilience, and sustainability
J Anderies, C Folke, B Walker, E Ostrom
Ecology and society 18 (2), 2013
Robustness trade-offs in social-ecological systems
MA Janssen, JM Anderies
International journal of the commons 1 (1), 43-65, 2007
Social norms as solutions
K Nyborg, JM Anderies, A Dannenberg, T Lindahl, C Schill, M Schlüter, ...
Science 354 (6308), 42-43, 2016
Loss of resilience, crisis, and institutional change: lessons from an intensive agricultural system in southeastern Australia
JM Anderies, P Ryan, BH Walker
Ecosystems 9 (6), 865-878, 2006
Robust strategies for managing rangelands with multiple stable attractors
MA Janssen, JM Anderies, BH Walker
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 47 (1), 140-162, 2004
Panaceas, uncertainty, and the robust control framework in sustainability science
JM Anderies, AA Rodriguez, MA Janssen, O Cifdaloz
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (39), 15194-15199, 2007
Living in the city: resource availability, predation, and bird population dynamics in urban areas
JM Anderies, M Katti, E Shochat
Journal of Theoretical Biology 247 (1), 36-49, 2007
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