Miguel Arenas
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Consequences of range contractions and range shifts on molecular diversity
M Arenas, N Ray, M Currat, L Excoffier
Molecular biology and evolution 29 (1), 207-218, 2012
Recombination in viruses: mechanisms, methods of study, and evolutionary consequences
M Pérez-Losada, M Arenas, JC Galán, F Palero, F González-Candelas
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M Arenas
Frontiers in genetics 6, 319, 2015
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S Mona, N Ray, M Arenas, L Excoffier
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M Arenas, D Posada
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M Arenas, D Posada
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M Arenas, D Posada
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Forensic genetics and genomics: much more than just a human affair
M Arenas, F Pereira, M Oliveira, N Pinto, AM Lopes, V Gomes, ...
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Simulation of molecular data under diverse evolutionary scenarios
M Arenas
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M Arenas, O François, M Currat, N Ray, L Excoffier
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Ecological connectivity shapes quasispecies structure of RNA viruses in an Antarctic lake
A López‐Bueno, A Rastrojo, R Peiró, M Arenas, A Alcamí
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Long-distance dispersal shaped patterns of human genetic diversity in Eurasia
I Alves, M Arenas, M Currat, A Sramkova Hanulova, VC Sousa, N Ray, ...
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M Arenas, HG Dos Santos, D Posada, U Bastolla
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Microbial sequence typing in the genomic era
M Pérez-Losada, M Arenas, E Castro-Nallar
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M Arenas, D Posada
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M Arenas, A Sánchez-Cobos, U Bastolla
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M Perez-Losada, DV Jobes, F Sinangil, KA Crandall, M Arenas, D Posada, ...
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M Arenas, G Valiente, D Posada
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ProtASR: An Evolutionary Framework for Ancestral Protein Reconstruction with Selection on Folding Stability
M Arenas, CC Weber, DA Liberles, U Bastolla
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Computational design of centralized HIV-1 genes
M Arenas, D Posada
Current HIV Research 8 (8), 613-621, 2010
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