Francesco Ruffo
Francesco Ruffo
Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, Universitā di Napoli "Federico II"
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Electrochemical molecular recognition: pathways between complexation and signalling
PD Beer, PA Gale, GZ Chen
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 1897-1910, 1999
Carbohydrates as building blocks of privileged ligands
V Benessere, R Del Litto, A De Roma, F Ruffo
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Interionic Solution Structure of [PtMe (η2-olefin)(N, N-diimine)] BF4 Complexes by 19F {1H}-HOESY NMR Spectroscopy: Effect of the Substituents on the Accessibility of the …
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The First Class of Square-Planar Platinum (II) Complexes Containing Electron-Poor Alkenes. Rare Insertion of an Alkene into a Pt− Alkyl Bond
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O, N, O′-tridentate ligands derived from carbohydrates in the V (IV)-promoted asymmetric oxidation of thioanisole
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Mn (III) complexes of chiral ‘salen’type ligands derived from carbohydrates in the asymmetric epoxidation of styrenes
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Mechanism of Silver-Promoted Ligand Metathesis in Square-Planar Complexes of d8 Ions. Kinetics of Formation and Molecular Structures of a Trinuclear Intermediate [(Me)(N−N)Pt(μ-Cl)Ag(μ-Cl)Pt(N−N)(Me)]+ and Its …
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Organometallics in Water: Three-Coordinate [Pt0 (N, N-chelate)(η2-olefin)] Complexes Containing New Chiral Ligands Based on α-d-Mannose
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A Macchioni, A Magistrato, I Orabona, F Ruffo, U Rothlisberger, ...
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Sustainable process for production of azelaic acid through oxidative cleavage of oleic acid
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Neutral Square-Planar Olefin/Alkyl Platinum(II) Complexes Containing a N,N‘-Imino−Amide Ligand. Experimental and Theoretical Evidence of Relevant π-Back …
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V De Felice, M Funicello, A Panunzi, F Ruffo
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Application of pyranoside phosphite-pyridine ligands to enantioselective metal-catalyzed allylic substitutions and conjugate 1, 4-additions
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Organolead Derivatives of Coordinatively Saturated Platinum (II) Olefin Complexes. Molecular Structure of [PtCl (PbPh2Cl)(2, 9-dimethyl-1, 10-phenanthroline)(dimethyl maleate …
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Synthesis and characterization of five-coordinate platinum (II) complexes [Pt (2, 9-dimethyl-1, 10-phenanthroline)(SnRnX3-n) X (olefin)](X
VG Albano, C Castellari, V De Felice, A Panunzi, F Ruffo
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Oxidative additions of E− E bonds (E= Chalcogen) to group 10 metals:“Tunable” cleavage of Se− Se bonds by Pt (0) complexes
VG Albano, M Monari, I Orabona, A Panunzi, F Ruffo
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Preparation and catalytic properties of palladium (0) and rhodium (I) complexes containing new chiral P, N-ligands derived from carbohydrates
C Borriello, ME Cucciolito, A Panunzi, F Ruffo
Inorganica chimica acta 353, 238-244, 2003
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