Tamara R. Hartke
Tamara R. Hartke
J.F. Blumenbach Institute of Zoology and Anthropology, University of Goettingen
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The mating biology of termites: a comparative review
TR Hartke, B Baer
Animal Behaviour 82 (5), 927-936, 2011
Global biodiversity and phylogenetic evaluation of Remipedia (Crustacea)
MT Neiber, TR Hartke, T Stemme, A Bergmann, J Rust, TM Iliffe, ...
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TR Hartke, RB Rosengaus
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Breeding strategies and the reproductive ecology of Nasutitermes corniger
TR Hartke
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Spiders in rice-paddy ecosystems shift from aquatic to terrestrial prey and use carbon pools of different origin
N Radermacher, TR Hartke, S Villareal, S Scheu
Oecologia 192 (3), 801-812, 2020
Rainforest conversion to smallholder plantations of rubber or oil palm leads to species loss and community shifts in canopy ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
R Nazarreta, TR Hartke, P Hidayat, S Scheu, D Buchori, J Drescher
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Speleonectes williamsi, a new species of Remipedia (Crustacea) from the Bahamas
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PeerJ 9, e11012, 2021
Rapid diversification of the Australian Amitermes group during late Cenozoic climate change
B Heimburger, L Schardt, A Brandt, S Scheu, TR Hartke
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Myrmecological News
R Nazarreta, TR Hartke, P Hidayat, S Scheu, D Buchori, J Drescher
Speciation in the Australian Amitermes Group: first insights from molecular genomics
B Heimburger, TR Hartke
The 12th Conference of The Pacific Rim Termite Research Group, 24, 2018
The mating biology of social insects
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Termite reproductive traits as manifestations of conflict and cooperation
T Hartke, B Baer
IUSSI, 2014
Western Australian termites: a hotspot for novel cellulose-degrading bacteria?
G Small, K Howell, T Hartke, B Baer
IUSSI, 2014
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