Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis
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Review of stereo vision algorithms: from software to hardware
N Lazaros, GC Sirakoulis, A Gasteratos
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A cellular automaton model for the effects of population movement and vaccination on epidemic propagation
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Robot guided crowd evacuation
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Memristor based memories: Technology, design and test
S Hamdioui, H Aziza, GC Sirakoulis
2014 9th IEEE International Conference on Design & Technology of Integrated …, 2014
An FPGA implemented cellular automaton crowd evacuation model inspired by the electrostatic-induced potential fields
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Real-time disparity map computation module
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Real-Time Active SLAM and Obstacle Avoidance for an Autonomous Robot Based on Stereo Vision
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Real data evaluation of a crowd supervising system for stadium evacuation and its hardware implementation
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Reconstruction of DNA sequences using genetic algorithms and cellular automata: Towards mutation prediction?
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Parallel fuzzy cellular automata for data-driven simulation of wildfire spreading
VG Ntinas, BE Moutafis, GA Trunfio, GC Sirakoulis
Journal of Computational Science 21, 469-485, 2017
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