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Temporal dynamics of the human vaginal microbiota
P Gajer, RM Brotman, G Bai, J Sakamoto, UME Schütte, X Zhong, ...
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Characterization of the diversity and temporal stability of bacterial communities in human milk
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Temporal dynamics of the human vaginal microbiota. Sci Transl Med 4: 132ra52
P Gajer, RM Brotman, G Bai, J Sakamoto, UM Schütte, X Zhong, ...
Combined flux chamber and genomics approach links nitrous acid emissions to ammonia oxidizing bacteria and archaea in urban and agricultural soil
NK Scharko, UME Schütte, AE Berke, L Banina, HR Peel, ...
Environmental science & technology 49 (23), 13825-13834, 2015
Spatial soil heterogeneity has a greater effect on symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities and plant growth than genetic modification with B acillus thuringiensis …
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Integration of clustering and multidimensional scaling to determine phylogenetic trees as spherical phylograms visualized in 3 dimensions
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2014 14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid …, 2014
Phylogenetically structured differences in rRNA gene sequence variation among species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and their implications for sequence clustering
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Temporal dynamics of the human vaginal microbiota. Sci Transl Med. 2012; 4 (132): 132ra52
P Gajer, RM Brotman, G Bai, J Sakamoto, UM Schutte, X Zhong
Epub 2012/05/04. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed. 3003605 PMID: 22553250, 0
Effect of permafrost thaw on plant and soil fungal community in a boreal forest: Does fungal community change mediate plant productivity response?
UME Schütte, JA Henning, Y Ye, A Bowling, J Ford, H Genet, MP Waldrop, ...
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Effect of fluorophores on the electrophoretic mobility of labeled DNA in the analysis of terminal restriction fragment length polymorphisms of 16S rRNA genes
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Wildfire Driven Succession of Microbial Community and Function in Interior Alaska-Shedding Light on the Dynamic Relationship Between Microbial and Plant Communities
U Schuette, T Haan, S Kline, MB Leigh, D Drown
AGUFM 2019, B23H-2522, 2019
Microbiome Re-assembly After Permafrost Thaw: How Time, Space, History and Disturbance Fundamentally Differentiate Permafrost Microbial Communities
JG Ernakovich, RE Hewitt, BW Abbott, R Barbato, J Barta, C Biasi, ...
AGUFM 2019, B41E-05, 2019
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