Frieder Jaekle
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Advances in the synthesis of organoborane polymers for optical, electronic, and sensory applications
F Jäkle
Chemical reviews 110 (7), 3985-4022, 2010
Lewis acidic organoboron polymers
F Jäkle
Coordination chemistry reviews 250 (9-10), 1107-1121, 2006
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K Parab, K Venkatasubbaiah, F Jäkle
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (39), 12879-12885, 2006
A family of main-chain polymeric Lewis acids: synthesis and fluorescent sensing properties of boron-modified polythiophenes
A Sundararaman, M Victor, R Varughese, F Jäkle
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Boron-containing polymers as versatile building blocks for functional nanostructured materials
F Cheng, F Jäkle
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9, 10‐Dihydro‐9, 10‐diboraanthracene: Supramolecular Structure and Use as a Building Block for Luminescent Conjugated Polymers
A Lorbach, M Bolte, H Li, HW Lerner, MC Holthausen, F Jäkle, M Wagner
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F Vidal, F Jäkle
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Y Ren, F Jäkle
Dalton Transactions 45 (36), 13996-14007, 2016
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A Berenbaum, H Braunschweig, R Dirk, U Englert, JC Green, F Jäkle, ...
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JB Heilmann, M Scheibitz, Y Qin, A Sundararaman, F Jäkle, T Kretz, ...
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B–N Lewis Pair Functionalization of Anthracene: Structural Dynamics, Optoelectronic Properties, and O2 Sensitization
K Liu, RA Lalancette, F Jäkle
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Luminescent organoboron quinolate polymers
Y Qin, C Pagba, P Piotrowiak, F Jäkle
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Luminescence tuning of organoboron quinolates through substituent variation at the 5-position of the quinolato moiety
Y Qin, I Kiburu, S Shah, F Jäkle
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Synthesis, Reactivity, and Ring‐Opening Polymerization (ROP) of Tin‐Bridged [1] Ferrocenophanes
F Jäkle, R Rulkens, G Zech, DA Foucher, AJ Lough, I Manners
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X Yin, J Chen, RA Lalancette, TB Marder, F Jäkle
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Highly luminescent, electron-deficient bora-cyclophanes
P Chen, F Jäkle
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Regioregular Synthesis of Azaborine Oligomers and a Polymer with a syn Conformation Stabilized by NH⋅⋅⋅π Interactions
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Electronic communication and negative binding cooperativity in diborylated bithiophenes
A Sundararaman, K Venkatasubbaiah, M Victor, LN Zakharov, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (51), 16554-16565, 2006
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