Tor A. Benjaminsen
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Advancing a political ecology of global environmental discourses
WN Adger, TA Benjaminsen, K Brown, H Svarstad
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Conservation, green/blue grabbing and accumulation by dispossession in Tanzania
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TA Benjaminsen
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Does climate change drive land-use conflicts in the Sahel?
TA Benjaminsen, K Alinon, H Buhaug, JT Buseth
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The Kilosa killings: Political ecology of a farmer–herder conflict in Tanzania
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Formalisation of land rights: some empirical evidence from Mali, Niger and South Africa.
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Securing land rights in Africa
T Benjaminsen, C Lund
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Virtual nature, violent accumulation: The ‘spectacular failure’of carbon offsetting at a Ugandan National Park
C Cavanagh, TA Benjaminsen
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Farmer–herder conflicts, pastoral marginalisation and corruption: a case study from the inland Niger delta of Mali
TA Benjaminsen, B Ba
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Natural resource management, paradigm shifts, and the decentralization reform in Mali
TA Benjaminsen
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Wildlife management in Tanzania: State control, rent seeking, and resistance
TA Benjaminsen, MJ Goldman, MY Minwary, FP Maganga
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Global land governance: from territory to flow?
T Sikor, G Auld, AJ Bebbington, TA Benjaminsen, BS Gentry, ...
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Formalisation and informalisation of land and water rights in Africa: An introduction
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Land reform, range ecology, and carrying capacities in Namaqualand, South Africa
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Human rights, formalisation and women’s land rights in southern and eastern Africa
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The death of an elephant: Conservation discourses versus practices in Africa
TA Benjaminsen, H Svarstad
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The road to deforestation: An assessment of forest loss and its causes in Basho Valley, Northern Pakistan
J Ali, TA Benjaminsen, AA Hammad, ØB Dick
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The population–agriculture–environment nexus in the Malian cotton zone
TA Benjaminsen
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Fuelwood and desertification: Sahel orthodoxies discussed on the basis of field data from the Gourma region in Mali
TA Benjaminsen
Geoforum 24 (4), 397-409, 1993
Qu'est-ce que la" political ecology"?
TA Benjaminsen, H Svarstad
Natures Sciences Sociétés 17 (1), 3-11, 2009
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