Benjamin Wolk
Benjamin Wolk
Manager - Simulation, Tula Technology
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Enhancement of flame development by microwave-assisted spark ignition in constant volume combustion chamber
B Wolk, A DeFilippo, JY Chen, R Dibble, A Nishiyama, Y Ikeda
Combustion and flame 160 (7), 1225-1234, 2013
Application of corona discharge ignition in a boosted direct-injection single cylinder gasoline engine: Effects on combustion phasing, fuel consumption, and emissions
DI Pineda, B Wolk, JY Chen, RW Dibble
SAE International Journal of Engines 9 (3), 1970-1988, 2016
Development of a reduced chemical mechanism targeted for a 5-component gasoline surrogate: A case study on the heat release nature in a GCI engine
Y Chen, B Wolk, M Mehl, WK Cheng, JY Chen, RW Dibble
Combustion and Flame 178, 268-276, 2017
Detailed speciation and reactivity characterization of fuel-specific in-cylinder reforming products and the associated impact on engine performance
B Wolk, I Ekoto, WF Northrop, K Moshammer, N Hansen
Fuel 185, 348-361, 2016
Computational study of the pressure dependence of sequential auto-ignition for partial fuel stratification with gasoline
B Wolk, JY Chen, JE Dec
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (3), 2993-3000, 2015
Calorimetry and imaging of plasma produced by a pulsed nanosecond discharge igniter in EGR gases at engine-relevant densities
BM Wolk, I Ekoto
SAE International Journal of Engines 10 (3), 970-983, 2017
Computational study of partial fuel stratification for HCCI engines using gasoline surrogate reduced mechanism
B Wolk, JY Chen
Combustion Science and Technology 186 (3), 332-354, 2014
Numerical investigation of nanosecond pulsed discharge in air at above-atmospheric pressures
A Zhang, R Scarcelli, T Wallner, D Breden, A Karpatne, LL Raja, I Ekoto, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51 (34), 345201, 2018
Investigation of fuel effects on in-cylinder reforming chemistry using gas chromatography
B Wolk, I Ekoto, W Northrop
SAE International Journal of Engines 9 (2), 964-978, 2016
Multi-dimensional modeling of non-equilibrium plasma for automotive applications
R Scarcelli, A Zhang, T Wallner, D Breden, A Karpatne, L Raja, I Ekoto, ...
SAE Technical Paper, 2018
Tailoring charge reactivity using in-cylinder generated reformate for gasoline compression ignition strategies
IW Ekoto, BM Wolk, WF Northrop, N Hansen, K Moshammer
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power 139 (12), 122801, 2017
Multi-level computational exploration of advanced combustion engine operating strategies
D Vuilleumier, I Taritas, B Wolk, D Kozarac, S Saxena, RW Dibble
Applied energy 184, 1273-1283, 2016
Nanosecond pulsed discharge ignition in a lean methane-air mixture
DI Pineda, B Wolk, T Sennott, JY Chen, RW Dibble, D Singleton
Laser Ignition Conference, T5A. 2, 2015
MDSF: Improved fuel efficiency, drivability and vibrations via dynamic skip fire and miller cycle synergies
E Ortiz-Soto, B Wolk, H Chen, M Younkins
SAE Technical Paper, 2019
Method to compensate fueling for individual firing events in a four-cylinder engine operated with dynamic skip fire
J Van Ess, B Wolk, J Fuschetto, R Wang, M Younkins
SAE International Journal of Engines 11 (6), 977-992, 2018
Energy analysis of low-load low-temperature gasoline combustion with auxiliary-fueled negative valve overlap
I Ekoto, B Wolk, W Northrop
SAE International Journal of Engines 10 (3), 1238-1255, 2017
The influence of intake pressure and ethanol addition to gasoline on single-and dual-stage autoignition in an HCCI engine
D Vuilleumier, N Atef, G Kukkadapu, B Wolk, H Selim, D Kozarac, ...
Energy & fuels 32 (9), 9822-9837, 2018
Ignition systems for gasoline engines
B Wolk, I Ekoto
3rd International Conference, Berlin, Germany, 3–4 November 2016, 169-189, 2017
Calorimetry and atomic oxygen laser-induced fluorescence of pulsed nanosecond discharges at above-atmospheric pressures
B Wolk, I Ekoto
Ignition Systems for Gasoline Engines: 3rd International Conference …, 2017
The role of hydrodynamic enhancement on ignition of lean methane-air mixtures by pulsed nanosecond discharges for automotive engine applications
DI Pineda, B Wolk, T Sennott, JY Chen, RW Dibble, D Singleton
Combustion Science and Technology 189 (11), 2023-2037, 2017
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