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High-performance flexible graphene field effect transistors with ion gel gate dielectrics
BJ Kim, H Jang, SK Lee, BH Hong, JH Ahn, JH Cho
Nano letters 10 (9), 3464-3466, 2010
Stretchable graphene transistors with printed dielectrics and gate electrodes
SK Lee, BJ Kim, H Jang, SC Yoon, C Lee, BH Hong, JA Rogers, JH Cho, ...
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Large-scale organic nanowire lithography and electronics
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SY Park, BJ Kim, K Kim, MS Kang, KH Lim, TI Lee, JM Myoung, HK Baik, ...
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Active matrix electronic skin strain sensor based on piezopotential‐powered graphene transistors
Q Sun, W Seung, BJ Kim, S Seo, SW Kim, JH Cho
Advanced Materials 27 (22), 3411-3417, 2015
High-mobility low-temperature ZnO transistors with low-voltage operation
H Bong, WH Lee, DY Lee, BJ Kim, JH Cho, K Cho
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Coplanar-gate transparent graphene transistors and inverters on plastic
BJ Kim, SK Lee, MS Kang, JH Ahn, JH Cho
Acs Nano 6 (10), 8646-8651, 2012
An Organic Vertical Field‐Effect Transistor with Underside‐Doped Graphene Electrodes
JS Kim, BJ Kim, YJ Choi, MH Lee, MS Kang, JH Cho
Advanced Materials 28 (24), 4803-4810, 2016
Photo-patternable ion gel-gated graphene transistors and inverters on plastic
SK Lee, SMH Kabir, BK Sharma, BJ Kim, JH Cho, JH Ahn
Nanotechnology 25 (1), 014002, 2013
Organic Field‐Effect Transistor Memory Devices Using Discrete Ferritin Nanoparticle‐Based Gate Dielectrics
BJ Kim, Y Ko, JH Cho, J Cho
Small 9 (22), 3784-3791, 2013
Enhanced Electrical Properties of Reduced Graphene Oxide Multilayer Films by In-Situ Insertion of a TiO2 Layer
JT Han, BJ Kim, BG Kim, JS Kim, BH Jeong, SY Jeong, HJ Jeong, JH Cho, ...
ACS nano 5 (11), 8884-8891, 2011
Electrolyte‐Gated Graphene Schottky Barrier Transistors
BJ Kim, E Hwang, MS Kang, JH Cho
Advanced Materials 27 (39), 5875-5881, 2015
High-Performance Stable n-Type Indenofluorenedione Field-Effect Transistors
YI Park, JS Lee, BJ Kim, B Kim, J Lee, DH Kim, SY Oh, JH Cho, JW Park
Chemistry of Materials 23 (17), 4038-4044, 2011
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SY Park, K Kim, KH Lim, B joon Kim, E Lee, JH Cho, YS Kim
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Apparent pH sensitivity of solution-gated graphene transistors
MH Lee, BJ Kim, KH Lee, IS Shin, W Huh, JH Cho, MS Kang
Nanoscale 7 (17), 7540-7544, 2015
Surface Energy Engineered, High‐Resolution Micropatterning of Solution‐Processed Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Films
NH Kim, BJ Kim, Y Ko, JH Cho, ST Chang
Advanced Materials 25 (6), 894-898, 2013
Enhancing crystallinity of C60 layer by thickness-control of underneath pentacene layer for high mobility C60/pentacene ambipolar transistors
K Ahn, J Beom Kim, H Park, H Kim, M Hyung Lee, B Joon Kim, J Ho Cho, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (4), 19, 2013
Optical switching of the Dirac point in graphene multilayer field-effect transistors functionalized with spiropyran
B JoonáKim, E KyungáJeon, J HoáCho
Chemical Communications 48 (89), 10978-10980, 2012
In/Ga-free, inkjet-printed charge transfer doping for solution-processed ZnO
SH Yu, BJ Kim, MS Kang, SH Kim, JH Han, JY Lee, JH Cho
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (19), 9765-9769, 2013
Electrical transport through single nanowires of dialkyl perylene diimide
BJ Kim, H Yu, JH Oh, MS Kang, JH Cho
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (20), 10743-10749, 2013
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