Alireza Mani (Ali R. Mani)
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Endothelial transcytosis of myeloperoxidase confers specificity to vascular ECM proteins as targets of tyrosine nitration
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Cardiovascular risk in healthy men and markers of oxidative stress in diabetic men are associated with common variation in the gene for uncoupling protein 2
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Nitric oxide involvement in the antidepressant-like effects of acute lithium administration in the mouse forced swimming test
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Decreased heart rate variability in patients with cirrhosis relates to the presence and degree of hepatic encephalopathy
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On the origin and the consequences of circadian abnormalities in patients with cirrhosis
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Endotoxemia is associated with partial uncoupling of cardiac pacemaker from cholinergic neural control in rats
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Effect of anandamide on nonadrenergic noncholinergic-mediated relaxation of rat corpus cavernosum
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Measurement of protein nitration and S-nitrosothiol formation in biology and medicine
KP Moore, AR Mani
Methods in enzymology 359, 256-268, 2002
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