Johanna Witzell
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Comparison of systemic resistance induced by avirulent and nonpathogenic Pseudomonas species
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C Schiebe, A Hammerbacher, G Birgersson, J Witzell, PE Brodelius, ...
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Chemical and biochemical composition of caviar from different sturgeon species and origins
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Nutritional niche overlap potentiates the use of endophytes in biocontrol of a tree disease
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Leaf phenolics of three willow clones differing in resistance to Melampsora rust infection
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Downregulation of high‐isoelectric‐point extracellular superoxide dismutase mediates alterations in the metabolism of reactive oxygen species and developmental disturbances in …
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Strong in vitro antagonism by elm xylem endophytes is not accompanied by temporally stable in planta protection against a vascular pathogen under field conditions
JA Martín, D Macaya-Sanz, J Witzell, K Blumenstein, L Gil
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Antifungal effect and reduction of Ulmus minor symptoms to Ophiostoma novo-ulmi by carvacrol and salicylic acid
JA Martín, A Solla, J Witzell, L Gil, MC García-Vallejo
European journal of plant pathology 127 (1), 21-32, 2010
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