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Ivan Arisi
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Insights into sex chromosome evolution and aging from the genome of a short-lived fish
K Reichwald, A Petzold, P Koch, BR Downie, N Hartmann, S Pietsch, ...
Cell 163 (6), 1527-1538, 2015
Computational challenges in miRNA target predictions: to be or not to be a true target?
C Barbato, I Arisi, ME Frizzo, R Brandi, L Da Sacco, A Masotti
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Dysregulated microRNAs in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis microglia modulate genes linked to neuroinflammation
C Parisi, I Arisi, N D'Ambrosi, AE Storti, R Brandi, M D'Onofrio, C Volonte
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Gene expression biomarkers in the brain of a mouse model for Alzheimer's disease: mining of microarray data by logic classification and feature selection
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Cell growing density affects the structural and functional properties of Caco‐2 differentiated monolayer
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Loss of TIMP3 underlies diabetic nephropathy via FoxO1/STAT1 interplay
L Fiorentino, M Cavalera, S Menini, V Marchetti, M Mavilio, M Fabrizi, ...
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A dual mechanism linking NGF/proNGF imbalance and early inflammation to Alzheimer's disease neurodegeneration in the AD11 anti-NGF mouse model
S Capsoni, R Brandi, I Arisi, M D'onofrio, A Cattaneo
CNS & Neurological Disorders-Drug Targets (Formerly Current Drug Targets-CNS …, 2011
Nerve growth factor regulates axial rotation during early stages of chick embryo development
A Manca, S Capsoni, A Di Luzio, D Vignone, F Malerba, F Paoletti, ...
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In the adult hippocampus, chronic nerve growth factor deprivation shifts GABAergic signaling from the hyperpolarizing to the depolarizing direction
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Journal of Neuroscience 30 (3), 885-893, 2010
Nerve growth factor scales endocannabinoid signaling by regulating monoacylglycerol lipase turnover in developing cholinergic neurons
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Targeting the MDM2/MDM4 interaction interface as a promising approach for p53 reactivation therapy
M Pellegrino, F Mancini, R Lucà, A Coletti, N Giacchè, I Manni, I Arisi, ...
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LMNA knock-down affects differentiation and progression of human neuroblastoma cells
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Parameter estimate of signal transduction pathways
I Arisi, A Cattaneo, V Rosato
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Obesity-associated hepatosteatosis and impairment of glucose homeostasis are attenuated by haptoglobin deficiency
S Lisi, O Gamucci, T Vottari, G Scabia, M Funicello, M Marchi, G Galli, ...
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NGF and proNGF regulate functionally distinct mRNAs in PC12 cells: an early gene expression profiling
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Early inflammation and immune response mRNAs in the brain of AD11 anti-NGF mice
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NGF steers microglia toward a neuroprotective phenotype
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AIRAP, a new human heat shock gene regulated by heat shock factor 1
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Distributed motor pattern underlying whole-body shortening in the medicinal leech
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ATM kinase sustains breast cancer stem-like cells by promoting ATG4C expression and autophagy
M Antonelli, F Strappazzon, I Arisi, R Brandi, M D’Onofrio, M Sambucci, ...
Oncotarget 8 (13), 21692, 2017
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