Magnus Röding
Magnus Röding
RISE Bioscience and Materials
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Hemocompatibility of siRNA loaded dextran nanogels
B Naeye, H Deschout, M Röding, M Rudemo, J Delanghe, K Devreese, ...
Biomaterials 32 (34), 9120-9127, 2011
The gamma distribution model for pulsed-field gradient NMR studies of molecular-weight distributions of polymers
M Röding, D Bernin, J Jonasson, A Särkkä, D Topgaard, M Rudemo, ...
Journal of magnetic resonance 222, 105-111, 2012
On-chip light sheet illumination enables diagnostic size and concentration measurements of membrane vesicles in biofluids
H Deschout, K Raemdonck, S Stremersch, P Maoddi, G Mernier, ...
Nanoscale 6 (3), 1741-1747, 2014
Injectable insulin-lysozyme-loaded nanogels with enzymatically-controlled degradation and release for basal insulin treatment: In vitro characterization and in vivo observation
HS Chou, M Larsson, MH Hsiao, YC Chen, M Röding, M Nydén, DM Liu
Journal of Controlled Release 224, 33-42, 2016
Measuring absolute number concentrations of nanoparticles using single-particle tracking
M Röding, H Deschout, K Braeckmans, M Rudemo
Physical Review e 84 (3), 031920, 2011
Fluorescence lifetime analysis of graphene quantum dots
M Röding, SJ Bradley, M Nydén, T Nann
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (51), 30282-30290, 2014
Heterogeneity in the fluorescence of graphene and graphene oxide quantum dots
SJ Bradley, R Kroon, G Laufersky, M Röding, RV Goreham, ...
Microchimica Acta 184 (3), 871-878, 2017
The lognormal and gamma distribution models for estimating molecular weight distributions of polymers using PGSE NMR
NH Williamson, M Nydén, M Röding
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 267, 54-62, 2016
Gamma convolution models for self-diffusion coefficient distributions in PGSE NMR
M Röding, NH Williamson, M Nydén
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 261, 6-10, 2015
Microstructure and water distribution of commercial pasta studied by microscopy and 3D magnetic resonance imaging
T Steglich, D Bernin, M Röding, M Nydén, A Moldin, D Topgaard, ...
Food research international 62, 644-652, 2014
Carbon nanotube length governs the viscoelasticity and permeability of buckypaper
Z Shen, M Röding, M Kröger, Y Li
Polymers 9 (4), 115, 2017
Obtaining T1-T2 distribution functions from 1-dimensional T1 and T2 measurements: The pseudo 2-D relaxation model
NH Williamson, M Röding, P Galvosas, SJ Miklavcic, M Nydén
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 269, 186-195, 2016
Identifying directional persistence in intracellular particle motion using Hidden Markov Models
M Röding, M Guo, DA Weitz, M Rudemo, A Särkkä
Mathematical biosciences 248, 140-145, 2014
Multi-scale characterization of pasta during cooking using microscopy and real-time magnetic resonance imaging
D Bernin, T Steglich, M Röding, A Moldin, D Topgaard, M Langton
Food research international 66, 132-139, 2014
Measuring absolute nanoparticle number concentrations from particle count time series
M Röding, H Deschout, K Braeckmans, M Rudemo
Journal of Microscopy 251, 19-26, 2013
Self‐calibrated concentration measurements of polydisperse nanoparticles
M Röding, H Deschout, K Braeckmans, A Särkkä, M Rudemo
Journal of Microscopy 252, 79-88, 2013
Approximate Bayesian computation for estimating number concentrations of monodisperse nanoparticles in suspension by optical microscopy
M Röding, E Zagato, K Remaut, K Braeckmans
Physical Review E 93 (6), 063311, 2016
Computational high-throughput screening of fluid permeability in heterogeneous fiber materials
M Röding, E Schuster, K Logg, M Lundman, P Bergström, C Hanson, ...
Soft matter 12 (29), 6293-6299, 2016
Estimation of mass thickness response of embedded aggregated silica nanospheres from high angle annular dark‐field scanning transmission electron micrographs
M Nordin, C Abrahamsson, C Hamngren Blomqvist, H Häbel, M Röding, ...
Journal of microscopy 253 (2), 166-170, 2014
Single particle raster image analysis of diffusion
M Longfils, E Schuster, N Loren, A Särkkä, M Rudemo
Journal of microscopy 266 (1), 3-14, 2017
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