Pär A. T. Olsson
Pär A. T. Olsson
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Ab initio thermodynamics of zirconium hydrides and deuterides
PAT Olsson, AR Massih, J Blomqvist, AM Alvarez Holston, C Bjerkén
Computational Materials Science 86, 211–222, 2014
On the importance of surface elastic contributions to the flexural rigidity of nanowires
PAT Olsson, HS Park
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 60 (12), 2064-2083, 2012
Atomistic simulations of tensile and bending properties of single-crystal bcc iron nanobeams
PAT Olsson, S Melin, C Persson
Physical Review B 76 (22), 224112, 2007
Transverse resonant properties of strained gold nanowires
PAT Olsson
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (3), 034318, 2010
Semi-empirical atomistic study of point defect properties in BCC transition metals
PAT Olsson
Computational materials science 47 (1), 135-145, 2009
Atomistic study of the buckling of gold nanowires
PAT Olsson, HS Park
Acta materialia 59 (10), 3883-3894, 2011
The Influence of shearing and rotary inertia on the resonant properties of gold nanowires
PAT Olsson, HS Park, PC Lidström
Journal of applied physics 108 (10), 104312, 2010
High temperature nanoindentation hardness and Young's modulus measurement in a neutron-irradiated fuel cladding material
K Kese, PAT Olsson, AM Alvarez Holston, E Broitman
Journal of Nuclear Materials 487, 113-120, 2017
On the role of hydrogen filled vacancies on the embrittlement of zirconium: An ab initio investigation
PAT Olsson, K Kese, AMA Holston
Journal of Nuclear Materials 467, 311-319, 2015
First principles characterisation of brittle transgranular fracture of titanium hydrides
PAT Olsson, M Mrovec, M Kroon
Acta Materialia 118, 362–373, 2016
Ab initio thermodynamics investigation of titanium hydrides
PAT Olsson, J Blomqvist, C Bjerkén, AR Massih
Computational materials science 97, 263-275, 2015
Ab initio and classical atomistic modelling of structure and defects in crystalline orthorhombic polyethylene: Twin boundaries, slip interfaces, and nature of barriers
PAT Olsson, E Schröder, P Hyldgaard, M Kroon, E Andreasson, E Bergvall
Polymer 121, 234-246, 2017
Investigation of microstructure evolution during self-annealing in thin Cu films by combining mesoscale level set and ab initio modeling
H Hallberg, PAT Olsson
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 90, 160–178, 2016
Inverse structural modification using constraints
P Olsson, P Lidström
Journal of sound and vibration 303 (3-5), 767-779, 2007
All-atomic and coarse-grained molecular dynamics investigation of deformation in semi-crystalline lamellar polyethylene
PAT Olsson, PJ in 't Veld, E Andreasson, E Bergvall, E Persson Jutemar, ...
Polymer 153, 305-316, 2018
Ab initio investigation of monoclinic phase stability and martensitic transformation in crystalline polyethylene
PAT Olsson, P Hyldgaard, E Schröder, E Persson Jutemar, E Andreasson, M Kroon
Physical Review Materials 2, 075602, 2018
First principles investigation of the finite temperature dependence of the elastic constants of zirconium, magnesium and gold
PAT Olsson
Computational Materials Science 99, 361–372, 2015
On the natural vibrations of linear structures with constraints
P Lidström, P Olsson
Journal of sound and vibration 301 (1-2), 341-354, 2007
Ab initio-based fracture toughness estimates and transgranular traction-separation modelling of zirconium hydrides
PAT Olsson, K Kese, M Kroon, AMA Holston
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 23 (4), 045015, 2015
Anisotropic Elastic-Viscoplastic Properties at Finite Strains of Injection-Moulded Low-Density Polyethylene
M Kroon, E Andreasson, E Persson Jutemar, V Petersson, L Persson, M Dorn ...
Experimental Mechanics 58, 75-86, 2018
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