Weijun Yang (杨伟军)
Weijun Yang (杨伟军)
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Antioxidant and antibacterial lignin nanoparticles in polyvinyl alcohol/chitosan films for active packaging
W Yang, JS Owczarek, E Fortunati, M Kozanecki, A Mazzaglia, ...
Industrial crops and products 94, 800-811, 2016
Structure and properties of biodegradable wheat gluten bionanocomposites containing lignin nanoparticles
W Yang, JM Kenny, D Puglia
Industrial Crops and Products 74, 348-356, 2015
Synergic effect of cellulose and lignin nanostructures in PLA based systems for food antibacterial packaging
W Yang, E Fortunati, F Dominici, G Giovanale, A Mazzaglia, GM Balestra, ...
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Polyvinyl alcohol/chitosan hydrogels with enhanced antioxidant and antibacterial properties induced by lignin nanoparticles
W Yang, E Fortunati, F Bertoglio, JS Owczarek, G Bruni, M Kozanecki, ...
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Effect of processing conditions and lignin content on thermal, mechanical and degradative behavior of lignin nanoparticles/polylactic (acid) bionanocomposites prepared by melt …
W Yang, E Fortunati, F Dominici, JM Kenny, D Puglia
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Effect of cellulose and lignin on disintegration, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of PLA active films
W Yang, E Fortunati, F Dominici, G Giovanale, A Mazzaglia, GM Balestra, ...
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Preparation and properties of lignin-epoxy resin composite
Q Yin, W Yang, C Sun, M Di
BioResources 7 (4), 5737-5748, 2012
Valorization of acid isolated high yield lignin nanoparticles as innovative antioxidant/antimicrobial organic materials
W Yang, E Fortunati, D Gao, GM Balestra, G Giovanale, X He, L Torre, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (3), 3502-3514, 2018
Lignocellulosic nanostructures as reinforcement in extruded and solvent casted polymeric nanocomposites: an overview
E Fortunati, W Yang, F Luzi, J Kenny, L Torre, D Puglia
European Polymer Journal 80, 295-316, 2016
Design of supertoughened and heat-resistant PLLA/elastomer blends by controlling the distribution of stereocomplex crystallites and the morphology
B Wu, Q Zeng, D Niu, W Yang, W Dong, M Chen, P Ma
Macromolecules 52 (3), 1092-1103, 2019
Melt free radical grafting of glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) onto fully biodegradable poly (lactic) acid films: effect of cellulose nanocrystals and a masterbatch process
W Yang, F Dominici, E Fortunati, JM Kenny, D Puglia
RSC Advances 5 (41), 32350-32357, 2015
Effect of lignin nanoparticles and masterbatch procedures on the final properties of glycidyl methacrylate-g-poly (lactic acid) films before and after accelerated UV weathering
W Yang, F Dominici, E Fortunati, JM Kenny, D Puglia
Industrial Crops and Products 77, 833-844, 2015
Role of lignin nanoparticles in UV resistance, thermal and mechanical performance of PMMA nanocomposites prepared by a combined free-radical graft polymerization/masterbatch …
W Yang, M Rallini, DY Wang, D Gao, F Dominici, L Torre, JM Kenny, ...
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 107, 61-69, 2018
Thermal, antioxidant and swelling behaviour of transparent polyvinyl (alcohol) films in presence of hydrophobic citric acid-modified lignin nanoparticles
X He, F Luzi, X Hao, W Yang, L Torre, Z Xiao, Y Xie, D Puglia
International journal of biological macromolecules 127, 665-676, 2019
Preparation and properties of adhesives based on phenolic resin containing lignin micro and nanoparticles: A comparative study
W Yang, M Rallini, M Natali, J Kenny, P Ma, W Dong, L Torre, D Puglia
Materials & Design 161, 55-63, 2019
Citric acid as green modifier for tuned hydrophilicity of surface modified cellulose and lignin nanoparticles
X He, F Luzi, W Yang, Z Xiao, L Torre, Y Xie, D Puglia
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (8), 9966-9978, 2018
Fabrication of thermally conductive and electrically insulating polymer composites with isotropic thermal conductivity by constructing a three-dimensional interconnected network
H Yuan, Y Wang, T Li, Y Wang, P Ma, H Zhang, W Yang, M Chen, W Dong
Nanoscale 11 (23), 11360-11368, 2019
Functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals with γ-MPS and its effect on the adhesive behavior of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives
Q Yu, W Yang, Q Wang, W Dong, M Du, P Ma
Carbohydrate polymers 217, 168-177, 2019
Multifunctional and robust polyhydroxyalkanoate nanocomposites with superior gas barrier, heat resistant and inherent antibacterial performances
P Xu, W Yang, D Niu, M Yu, M Du, W Dong, M Chen, PJ Lemstra, P Ma
Chemical Engineering Journal 382, 122864, 2020
Poly (lactic acid)/lignin films with enhanced toughness and anti-oxidation performance for active food packaging
W Yang, Y Weng, D Puglia, G Qi, W Dong, JM Kenny, P Ma
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 144, 102-110, 2020
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