Kevin Fraser
Kevin Fraser
Associate Professor, University of Manitoba
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Repeat tracking of individual songbirds reveals consistent migration timing but flexibility in route
CQ Stanley, M MacPherson, KC Fraser, EA McKinnon, BJM Stutchbury
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New discoveries in landbird migration using geolocators, and a flight plan for the future
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Consistent Range-Wide Pattern in Fall Migration Strategy of Purple Martin (Progne subis), Despite Different Migration Routes at the Gulf of Mexico
KC Fraser, BJM Stutchbury, P Kramer, C Silverio, J Barrow, D Newstead, ...
The Auk 130 (2), 291-296, 2013
Weak effects of geolocators on small birds: A meta‐analysis controlled for phylogeny and publication bias
V Brlík, J Koleček, M Burgess, S Hahn, D Humple, M Krist, J Ouwehand, ...
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KC Fraser, C Silverio, P Kramer, N Mickle, R Aeppli, BJM Stutchbury
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EA McKinnon, CQ Stanley, KC Fraser, MM MacPherson, G Casbourn, ...
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JL Hardesty, KC Fraser
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Migration, diet, or molt? Interpreting stable‐hydrogen isotope values in Neotropical bats
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A Van Loon, JD Ray, A Savage, J Mejeur, L Moscar, M Pearson, ...
Journal of Ornithology 158 (3), 745-752, 2017
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