David Aldvén
David Aldvén
PhD, Vattenfall R&D
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To boldly go: individual differences in boldness influence migratory tendency
BB Chapman, K Hulthén, DR Blomqvist, LA Hansson, JÅ Nilsson, ...
Ecology letters 14 (9), 871-876, 2011
Linking lab activity with growth and movement in the wild: explaining pace-of-life in a trout stream
L Závorka, D Aldvén, J Näslund, J Höjesjö, JI Johnsson
Behavioral Ecology 26 (3), 877-884, 2015
Inactive trout come out at night: behavioral variation, circadian activity, and fitness in the wild
L Závorka, D Aldvén, J Näslund, J Höjesjö, JI Johnsson
Ecology 97 (9), 2223-2231, 2016
Environmental cues and downstream migration of anadromous brown trout (Salmo trutta) and Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts
D Aldvén, E Degerman, J Höjesjö
Boreal environmental research 20, 35-44, 2015
Co‐existence with non‐native brook trout breaks down the integration of phenotypic traits in brown trout parr
L Závorka, B Koeck, J Cucherousset, J Brijs, J Näslund, D Aldvén, ...
Functional ecology 31 (8), 1582-1591, 2017
Angling selects against active and stress-resilient phenotypes in rainbow trout
B Koeck, L Závorka, D Aldvén, J Näslund, R Arlinghaus, PO Thörnqvist, ...
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 76 (2), 320-333, 2019
Do individual Activity Patterns of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) alter the Exposure to Parasitic Freshwater Pearl Mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) Larvae?
N Wengström, F Wahlqvist, J Näslund, D Aldvén, L Závorka, ME Österling, ...
Ethology 122 (9), 769-778, 2016
Migration speed, routes, and mortality rates of anadromous brown trout Salmo trutta during outward migration through a complex coastal habitat
D Aldvén, R Hedger, F Økland, P Rivinoja, J Höjesjö
Marine Ecology Progress Series 541, 151-163, 2015
Marine migrations of sea trout (Salmo trutta)
D Aldvén, JG Davidsen
Sea Trout: Science & Management: Proceedings of the 2nd International Sea …, 2017
Eggs from anadromous adults provide marine-derived nutrients to Atlantic salmon and brown trout parr in late autumn–observations from a Swedish coastal stream
J Näslund, D Aldvén, L Závorka
Environmental biology of fishes 98 (12), 2305-2313, 2015
Effects of familiarity and population density on competitive interactions and growth: an experimental study on a territorial salmonid fish
L Závorka, J Näslund, D Aldvén, J Höjesjö, JI Johnsson
Ethology 121 (12), 1202-1211, 2015
Laboratory captivity can affect scores of metabolic rates and activity in wild brown trout
L Závorka, J Brijs, N Wengström, ML Wallerius, J Näslund, B Koeck, ...
Journal of Zoology 307 (4), 249-255, 2019
Migration in anadromous brown trout
D Aldvén
Migration patterns of Upland Sandpipers in the western hemisphere
JM Hill, BK Sandercock, R Renfrew, K Grond, JW Santo Domingo, ...
Behavioral type, in interaction with body size, affects the recapture rate of brown trout Salmo trutta juveniles in their nursery stream
J NÄSLUND, N WENGSTRÖM, F Wahlqvist, D Aldven, L Zavorka, ...
Integrative zoology 13 (5), 604-611, 2018
Northern European Salmo trutta (L.) populations are genetically divergent across geographical regions and environmental gradients
D Bekkevold, J Höjesjö, EE Nielsen, D Aldvén, TD Als, M Sodeland, ...
Evolutionary applications 13 (2), 400-416, 2020
Social behaviour of European grayling before and after flow peaks in restored and unrestored habitats
J Watz, D Aldvén, AA Brouziotis, N Carlsson, E Karathanou, ...
River Research and Applications, 2020
Energy efficient fish attraction
P Andreasson, J Westin, JGI Hellström, E Lillberg, D Aldvén
Evaluation of Intake Rack Solutions for Downstream Fish Passage Using a Large Scale Fish Flume
D Aldvén, O Calles, A Nilsson, D Nyqvist, M Billstein
Perspectives on sea trout stocks in Sweden, Denmark & Norway: monitoring, threats and management
J Höjesjö, D Aldvén, JG Davidsen, S Pedersen, E Degerman
2nd International Sea Trout Symposium, 443-459, 2017
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