Coen P.H. Elemans
Coen P.H. Elemans
Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark
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Parasitic inhibition of cell death facilitates symbiosis
BA Pannebakker, B Loppin, CPH Elemans, L Humblot, F Vavre
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (1), 213-215, 2007
Superfast vocal muscles control song production in songbirds
CPH Elemans, AF Mead, LC Rome, F Goller
PloS one 3 (7), e2581, 2008
Superfast muscles set maximum call rate in echolocating bats
CPH Elemans, AF Mead, L Jakobsen, JM Ratcliffe
Science 333 (6051), 1885-1888, 2011
Bird song: superfast muscles control dove's trill
CPH Elemans, ILY Spierts, UK Müller, JL van Leeuwen, F Goller
Nature 431 (7005), 146, 2004
The songbird syrinx morphome: a three-dimensional, high-resolution, interactive morphological map of the zebra finch vocal organ
DN Düring, A Ziegler, CK Thompson, A Ziegler, C Faber, J Müller, ...
BMC biology 11 (1), 1, 2013
Universal mechanisms of sound production and control in birds and mammals
CPH Elemans, JH Rasmussen, CT Herbst, DN Düring, SA Zollinger, ...
Nature communications 6, 8978, 2015
How the bat got its buzz
JM Ratcliffe, CPH Elemans, L Jakobsen, A Surlykke
Biology Letters 9 (2), 20121031, 2013
Walking the line: search behavior and foraging success in ant species
JMC Pearce-Duvet, CPH Elemans, DH Feener Jr
Behavioral Ecology 22 (3), 501-509, 2011
Motor control by precisely timed spike patterns
KH Srivastava, CM Holmes, M Vellema, AR Pack, CPH Elemans, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (5), 1171-1176, 2017
Plasticity in mitochondrial cristae density allows metabolic capacity modulation in human skeletal muscle
J Nielsen, KD Gejl, M Hey‐Mogensen, HC Holmberg, C Suetta, ...
The Journal of physiology 595 (9), 2839-2847, 2017
Biomechanics and control of vocalization in a non-songbird
CPH Elemans, R Zaccarelli, H Herzel
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 5 (24), 691-703, 2007
Mice produce ultrasonic vocalizations by intra-laryngeal planar impinging jets
E Mahrt, A Agarwal, D Perkel, C Portfors, CPH Elemans
Current Biology 26 (19), R880-R881, 2016
The singer and the song: the neuromechanics of avian sound production
CPH Elemans
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 28, 172-178, 2014
Syringeal muscles fit the trill in ring doves (Streptopelia risoria L.)
CPH Elemans, ILY Spierts, M Hendriks, H Schipper, UK Müller, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 209 (5), 965-977, 2006
The last common ancestor of animals lacked the HIF pathway and respired in low-oxygen environments
DB Mills, WR Francis, S Vargas, M Larsen, CPH Elemans, DE Canfield, ...
Elife 7, e31176, 2018
Smooth operator: avoidance of subharmonic bifurcations through mechanical mechanisms simplifies song motor control in adult zebra finches
CPH Elemans, R Laje, GB Mindlin, F Goller
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (40), 13246-13253, 2010
Quantitative modelling of the biomechanics of the avian syrinx
J van Leeuwen, M Hoffmann, O Larsen, C Elemans
Animal Biology 53 (2), 183-193, 2003
Multifunctional and context-dependent control of vocal acoustics by individual muscles
KH Srivastava, CPH Elemans, SJ Sober
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (42), 14183-14194, 2015
Modelling bird songs: voice onset, overtones and registers
R Zaccarelli, CPH Elemans, W Fitch, H Herzel
Acta acustica united with acustica 92 (5), 741-748, 2006
Spectrogram analysis of animal sound production
CPH Elemans, K Heeck, M Muller
Bioacoustics 18 (2), 183-212, 2008
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