Ho Manh Tung
Ho Manh Tung
Centre for Interdisciplinary Social Research, Phenikaa University, Hanoi, Vietnam
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Cultural additivity: behavioural insights from the interaction of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in folktales
QH Vuong, QK Bui, VP La, TT Vuong, VHT Nguyen, MT Ho, HKT Nguyen, ...
Palgrave Communications 4 (1), 1-15, 2018
Healthcare consumers’ sensitivity to costs: A reflection on behavioural economics from an emerging market
QH Vuong, TM Ho, HK Nguyen, TT Vuong
Palgrave Communications 4 (1), 1-10, 2018
An open database of productivity in Vietnam's social sciences and humanities for public use
QH Vuong, VP La, TT Vuong, MT Ho, HKT Nguyen, VH Nguyen, ...
Scientific data 5, 180188, 2018
Global evolution of research in artificial intelligence in health and medicine: A bibliometric study
BX Tran, GT Vu, GH Ha, QH Vuong, MT Ho, TT Vuong, VP La, MT Ho, ...
Journal of clinical medicine 8 (3), 360, 2019
“Paintings can be forged, but not feeling”: Vietnamese art—market, fraud, and value
QH Vuong, MT Ho, TT Vuong, K Tran, MT Ho
Arts 7 (4), 62, 2018
Exploring Vietnamese co-authorship patterns in social sciences with basic network measures of 2008-2017 Scopus data
TM Ho, HV Nguyen, TT Vuong, QM Dam, HH Pham, QH Vuong
F1000Research 6, 2017
Artificial intelligence vs. natural stupidity: Evaluating AI readiness for the vietnamese medical information system
QH Vuong, MT Ho, TT Vuong, VP La, MT Ho, KCP Nghiem, BX Tran, ...
Journal of clinical medicine 8 (2), 168, 2019
Cultural evolution in Vietnam's early 20th century: A Bayesian networks analysis of Hanoi Franco-Chinese house designs
QH Vuong, QK Bui, VP La, TT Vuong, MT Ho, HKT Nguyen, HN Nguyen, ...
Social Sciences & Humanities Open 1 (1), 100001, 2019
Gender, age, research experience, leading role and academic productivity of Vietnamese researchers in the social sciences and humanities: exploring a 2008-2017 Scopus dataset
QH Vuong, T Ho, TT Vuong, NK Napier, HH Pham, H Nguyen
European science editing 43 (3), 51-55, 2017
Nemo solus satis sapit: Trends of research collaborations in the Vietnamese social sciences, observing 2008–2017 Scopus data
QH Vuong, TM Ho, TT Vuong, HV Nguyen, NK Napier, HH Pham
Publications 5 (4), 24, 2017
The values and challenges of ‘openness’ in addressing the reproducibility crisis and regaining public trust in social sciences and humanities
MT Ho, QH Vuong
European Science Editing 45 (1), 14-17, 2019
On the sustainability of co-authoring behaviors in Vietnamese social sciences: A preliminary analysis of network data
TM Ho, TT Vuong, QH Vuong
Sustainability 9 (11), 2142, 2017
Cultural evolution in Vietnam's early 20th century: a Bayesian networks analysis of Franco-Chinese house designs
QH Vuong, QK Bui, VP La, TT Vuong, MT Ho, HKT Nguyen, HN Nguyen, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.00817, 2019
Stargazing’and p-hacking behaviours in social sciences: some insights from a developing country
QH Vuong, MT Ho, VP La
European Science Editing 45 (2), 54-55, 2019
The (in) significance of socio-demographic factors as possible determinants of Vietnamese social scientists’ contribution-adjusted productivity: Preliminary results from 2008 …
TT Vuong, TM Ho, TM Ho, QH Vuong
Societies 8 (1), 3, 2018
Psychological and socio-economic factors affecting social sustainability through impacts on perceived health care quality and public health: The case of Vietnam
QH Vuong, TT Vuong, TM Ho, HV Nguyen
Sustainability 9 (8), 1456, 2017
Effects of work environment and collaboration on research productivity in Vietnamese social sciences: evidence from 2008 to 2017 Scopus data
QH Vuong, NK Napier, TM Ho, VH Nguyen, TT Vuong, HH Pham, ...
Studies in Higher Education 44 (12), 2132-2147, 2019
A bibliometric analysis of the global research trend in child maltreatment
BX Tran, TV Pham, GH Ha, AT Ngo, LH Nguyen, TTM Vu, HN Do, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 15 (7), 1456, 2018
On how religions could accidentally incite lies and violence: Folktales as a cultural transmitter
QH Vuong, T Ho, VP La, TT Vuong, TH Vu, MH Nguyen, MT Ho
Hong Kong and La, Viet-Phuong and Vuong, Thu-Trang and Vu, Thi Hanh and …, 2019
'Cultural Additivity'and How the Values and Norms of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism Co-Exist, Interact, and Influence Vietnamese Society: A Bayesian Analysis of Long …
QH Vuong, T Ho, VP La, D Nhue, QK Bui, NPK Cuong, TT Vuong, MT Ho, ...
Hong Kong and Nguyen, Ha and Pham, Hiep-Hung and Napier, Nancy K.,'Cultural …, 1801
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