Stina Syvänen
Stina Syvänen
Researcher, Public Health and Caring Sciences
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On the rate and extent of drug delivery to the brain
M Hammarlund-Udenaes, M Fridén, S Syvänen, A Gupta
Pharmaceutical research 25 (8), 1737-1750, 2008
Species differences in blood-brain barrier transport of three positron emission tomography radioligands with emphasis on P-glycoprotein transport
S Syvänen, Ö Lindhe, M Palner, BR Kornum, O Rahman, B Långström, ...
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Duration and degree of cyclosporin induced P-glycoprotein inhibition in the rat blood–brain barrier can be studied with PET
S Syvänen, G Blomquist, M Sprycha, AU Höglund, M Roman, O Eriksson, ...
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Bivalent brain shuttle increases antibody uptake by monovalent binding to the transferrin receptor
G Hultqvist, S Syvänen, XT Fang, L Lannfelt, D Sehlin
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Pharmacokinetic consequences of active drug efflux at the blood–brain barrier
S Syvänen, R Xie, S Sahin, M Hammarlund-Udenaes
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M Bergström, R Yates, A Wall, M Kågedal, S Syvänen, B Långström
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Delineating amyloid plaque associated neuronal sphingolipids in transgenic Alzheimer’s disease mice (tgArcSwe) using MALDI imaging mass spectrometry
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[11 C] phenytoin revisited: synthesis by [11 C] CO carbonylation and first evaluation as a P-gp tracer in rats
J Verbeek, J Eriksson, S Syvänen, M Labots, ECM de Lange, RA Voskuyl, ...
EJNMMI research 2 (1), 1-11, 2012
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(R)-[11 C] Verapamil PET studies to assess changes in P-glycoprotein expression and functionality in rat blood-brain barrier after exposure to kainate-induced status epilepticus
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Pharmacokinetics of P‐glycoprotein inhibition in the rat blood‐brain barrier
S Syvänen, A Hooker, O Rahman, H Wilking, G Blomquist, B Långström, ...
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(R)-[11C] PK11195 brain uptake as a biomarker of inflammation and antiepileptic drug resistance: evaluation in a rat epilepsy model
RM Bogdanović, S Syvänen, C Michler, V Russmann, J Eriksson, ...
Neuropharmacology 85, 104-112, 2014
Using PET studies of P-gp function to elucidate mechanisms underlying the disposition of drugs
S Syvanen, M Hammarlund-Udenaes
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Altered GABAA receptor density and unaltered blood–brain barrier transport in a kainate model of epilepsy: an in vivo study using 11C-flumazenil and PET
S Syvänen, M Labots, Y Tagawa, J Eriksson, AD Windhorst, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 53 (12), 1974-1983, 2012
A bispecific Tribody PET radioligand for visualization of amyloid-beta protofibrils–a new concept for neuroimaging
S Syvänen, XT Fang, G Hultqvist, SR Meier, L Lannfelt, D Sehlin
Neuroimage 148, 55-63, 2017
[11C] quinidine and [11C] laniquidar PET imaging in a chronic rodent epilepsy model: impact of epilepsy and drug-responsiveness
S Syvänen, V Russmann, J Verbeek, J Eriksson, M Labots, C Zellinger, ...
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M Olsen, X Aguilar, D Sehlin, XT Fang, G Antoni, A Erlandsson, ...
Molecular Imaging and Biology 20 (4), 605-614, 2018
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