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Markus Lindh
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Metagenome-assembled genomes uncover a global brackish microbiome
LW Hugerth, J Larsson, J Alneberg, MV Lindh, C Legrand, J Pinhassi, ...
Genome biology 16 (1), 1-18, 2015
Disentangling seasonal bacterioplankton population dynamics by high‐frequency sampling
MV Lindh, J Sjöstedt, AF Andersson, F Baltar, LW Hugerth, D Lundin, ...
Environmental microbiology 17 (7), 2459-2476, 2015
Structuring of bacterioplankton communities by specific dissolved organic carbon compounds
L Gómez‐Consarnau, MV Lindh, JM Gasol, J Pinhassi
Environmental Microbiology 14 (9), 2361-2378, 2012
Consequences of increased temperature and acidification on bacterioplankton community composition during a mesocosm spring bloom in the B altic S ea
MV Lindh, L Riemann, F Baltar, C Romero‐Oliva, PS Salomon, E Granéli, ...
Environmental Microbiology Reports 5 (2), 252-262, 2013
Genomes from uncultivated prokaryotes: a comparison of metagenome-assembled and single-amplified genomes
J Alneberg, CMG Karlsson, AM Divne, C Bergin, F Homa, MV Lindh, ...
Microbiome 6 (1), 1-14, 2018
Phytoplankton species‐specific release of dissolved free amino acids and their selective consumption by bacteria
H Sarmento, C Romera-Castillo, M Lindh, J Pinhassi, MM Sala, JM Gasol, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 58 (3), 1123-1135, 2013
Transplant experiments uncover Baltic Sea basin-specific responses in bacterioplankton community composition and metabolic activities
MV Lindh, D Figueroa, J Sjöstedt, F Baltar, D Lundin, A Andersson, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 223, 2015
Microbial diversity in a continuous system based on rice husks for biodegradation of the azo dyes Reactive Red 2 and Reactive Black 5
J Forss, J Pinhassi, M Lindh, U Welander
Bioresource technology 130, 681-688, 2013
Consequences of increased terrestrial dissolved organic matter and temperature on bacterioplankton community composition during a Baltic Sea mesocosm experiment
MV Lindh, R Lefébure, R Degerman, D Lundin, A Andersson, J Pinhassi
Ambio 44 (3), 402-412, 2015
Unscrambling cyanobacteria community dynamics related to environmental factors
M Bertos-Fortis, HM Farnelid, MV Lindh, M Casini, A Andersson, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 625, 2016
Regulation of proteorhodopsin gene expression by nutrient limitation in the marine bacterium Vibrio sp. AND4
N Akram, J Palovaara, J Forsberg, MV Lindh, DL Milton, H Luo, ...
Environmental microbiology 15 (5), 1400-1415, 2013
Microbial biotreatment of actual textile wastewater in a continuous sequential rice husk biofilter and the microbial community involved
J Forss, MV Lindh, J Pinhassi, U Welander
PLoS One 12 (1), e0170562, 2017
Key role of bacteria in the short‐term cycling of carbon at the abyssal seafloor in a low particulate organic carbon flux region of the eastern Pacific Ocean
AK Sweetman, CR Smith, CN Shulse, B Maillot, M Lindh, MJ Church, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 64 (2), 694-713, 2019
From the surface to the deep-sea: bacterial distributions across polymetallic nodule fields in the clarion-clipperton zone of the Pacific Ocean
MV Lindh, BM Maillot, CN Shulse, AJ Gooday, DJ Amon, CR Smith, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 1696, 2017
Seawater mesocosm experiments in the A rctic uncover differential transfer of marine bacteria to aerosols
C Fahlgren, L Gómez‐Consarnau, J Zábori, MV Lindh, R Krejci, ...
Environmental microbiology reports 7 (3), 460-470, 2015
Prokaryotic community structure and respiration during long‐term incubations
F Baltar, MV Lindh, A Parparov, T Berman, J Pinhassi
MicrobiologyOpen 1 (2), 214-224, 2012
Dissolved organic nitrogen inputs from wastewater treatment plant effluents increase responses of planktonic metabolic rates to warming
R Vaquer-Sunyer, DJ Conley, S Muthusamy, MV Lindh, J Pinhassi, ...
Environmental science & technology 49 (19), 11411-11420, 2015
Local environmental conditions shape generalist but not specialist components of microbial metacommunities in the Baltic Sea
MV Lindh, J Sjöstedt, M Casini, A Andersson, C Legrand, J Pinhassi
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 2078, 2016
Metapopulation theory identifies biogeographical patterns among core and satellite marine bacteria scaling from tens to thousands of kilometers
MV Lindh, J Sjöstedt, B Ekstam, M Casini, D Lundin, LW Hugerth, YOO Hu, ...
Environmental microbiology 19 (3), 1222-1236, 2017
Sensitivity of Bacterioplankton to environmental disturbance: a review of Baltic Sea field studies and experiments
MV Lindh, J Pinhassi
Frontiers in Marine Science 5, 361, 2018
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