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Fabiana Patria
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Neural bases of personal and extrapersonal neglect in humans
G Committeri, S Pitzalis, G Galati, F Patria, G Pelle, U Sabatini, ...
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GE Hagberg, G Zito, F Patria, JN Sanes
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Spatial re-orienting of visual attention along the horizontal or the vertical axis
E Macaluso, F Patria
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The neuroanatomy of orthographic working memory
G Miceli, C Caltagirone, R Capasso, A Caramagno, F Patria, P Turriziani, ...
Manuscript submitted for publication, 2007
The representation of segmental information: An fMRI investigation of the consonant-vowel distinction
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GE Hagberg, M Bianciardi, F Patria
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Identification of the cortical sources of the pattern-reversal VEP: TU 221
F Di Russo, S Pitzalis, F Patria, T Aprile, G Spitoni, D Spinelli, S Hillyard
Neuroimage 22, 2004
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