Michael Landreh
Michael Landreh
Senior Lecturer, Molecular Biophysics, Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University
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The microRNA miR-34 modulates ageing and neurodegeneration in Drosophila
N Liu, M Landreh, K Cao, M Abe, GJ Hendriks, JR Kennerdell, Y Zhu, ...
Nature 482 (7386), 519-523, 2012
The role of interfacial lipids in stabilizing membrane protein oligomers
K Gupta, JAC Donlan, JTS Hopper, P Uzdavinys, M Landreh, WB Struwe, ...
Nature 541 (7637), 421-424, 2017
Biomimetic spinning of artificial spider silk from a chimeric minispidroin
M Andersson, Q Jia, A Abella, XY Lee, M Landreh, P Purhonen, H Hebert, ...
Nature chemical biology 13 (3), 262-264, 2017
Carbonic Anhydrase Generates CO2 and H+ That Drive Spider Silk Formation Via Opposite Effects on the Terminal Domains
M Andersson, G Chen, M Otikovs, M Landreh, K Nordling, N Kronqvist, ...
PLoS biology 12 (8), e1001921, 2014
Sequential pH-driven dimerization and stabilization of the N-terminal domain enables rapid spider silk formation
N Kronqvist, M Otikovs, V Chmyrov, G Chen, M Andersson, K Nordling, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 3254, 2014
High-resolution structure of a BRICHOS domain and its implications for anti-amyloid chaperone activity on lung surfactant protein C
H Willander, G Askarieh, M Landreh, P Westermark, K Nordling, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (7), 2325-2329, 2012
Combining native and ‘omics’ mass spectrometry to identify endogenous ligands bound to membrane proteins
J Gault, I Liko, M Landreh, D Shutin, JR Bolla, D Jefferies, M Agasid, ...
Nature methods 17 (5), 505-508, 2020
Efficient protein production inspired by how spiders make silk
N Kronqvist, M Sarr, A Lindqvist, K Nordling, M Otikovs, L Venturi, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 15504, 2017
Derivation and characterization of a cytocompatible scaffold from human testis
Y Baert, JB Stukenborg, M Landreh, J De Kock, H Jörnvall, O Söder, ...
Human reproduction 30 (2), 256-267, 2015
pH‐Dependent Dimerization of Spider Silk N-Terminal Domain Requires Relocation of a Wedged Tryptophan Side Chain
K Jaudzems, G Askarieh, M Landreh, K Nordling, M Hedhammar, ...
Journal of molecular biology 422 (4), 477-487, 2012
A PBX1 transcriptional network controls dopaminergic neuron development and is impaired in Parkinson's disease
JC Villaescusa, B Li, EM Toledo, PIA Rivetti di Val Cervo, S Yang, ...
The EMBO journal 35 (18), 1963-1978, 2016
A pH-dependent dimer lock in spider silk protein
M Landreh, G Askarieh, K Nordling, M Hedhammar, A Rising, C Casals, ...
Journal of molecular biology 404 (2), 328-336, 2010
Surfactant protein B propeptide contains a saposin-like protein domain with antimicrobial activity at low pH
L Yang, J Johansson, R Ridsdale, H Willander, M Fitzen, HT Akinbi, ...
The journal of immunology 184 (2), 975-983, 2010
Integrating mass spectrometry with MD simulations reveals the role of lipids in Na+/H+ antiporters
M Landreh, EG Marklund, P Uzdavinys, MT Degiacomi, M Coincon, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 13993, 2017
Bri2 BRICHOS client specificity and chaperone activity are governed by assembly state
G Chen, A Abelein, HE Nilsson, A Leppert, Y Andrade-Talavera, ...
Nature Communications 8 (1), 2081, 2017
An engineered thermal-shift screen reveals specific lipid preferences of eukaryotic and prokaryotic membrane proteins
E Nji, Y Chatzikyriakidou, M Landreh, D Drew
Nature communications 9 (1), 4253, 2018
The extracellular domain of Bri2 (ITM2B) binds the ABri peptide (1–23) and amyloid β-peptide (Aβ1–40): Implications for Bri2 effects on processing of amyloid precursor protein …
S Peng, M Fitzen, H Jörnvall, J Johansson
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 393 (3), 356-361, 2010
The formation, function and regulation of amyloids: insights from structural biology
M Landreh, MR Sawaya, MS Hipp, DS Eisenberg, K Wüthrich, FU Hartl
Journal of internal medicine 280 (2), 164-176, 2016
A sliding selectivity scale for lipid binding to membrane proteins
M Landreh, MT Marty, J Gault, CV Robinson
Current opinion in structural biology 39, 54-60, 2016
High-yield production of amyloid-β peptide enabled by a customized spider silk domain
A Abelein, G Chen, K Kitoka, R Aleksis, F Oleskovs, M Sarr, M Landreh, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 235, 2020
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