Angelo Accardo
Angelo Accardo
Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
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Breaking the diffusion limit with super-hydrophobic delivery of molecules to plasmonic nanofocusing SERS structures
F De Angelis, F Gentile, F Mecarini, G Das, M Moretti, P Candeloro, ...
Nature Photonics 5 (11), 682-687, 2011
Natural tri-to hexapeptides self-assemble in water to amyloid β-type fiber aggregates by unexpected α-helical intermediate structures
CAE Hauser, R Deng, A Mishra, Y Loo, U Khoe, F Zhuang, DW Cheong, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (4), 1361-1366, 2011
Aliphatic peptides show similar self-assembly to amyloid core sequences, challenging the importance of aromatic interactions in amyloidosis
A Lakshmanan, DW Cheong, A Accardo, E Di Fabrizio, C Riekel, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (2), 519-524, 2013
Ultra low concentrated molecular detection using super hydrophobic surface based biophotonic devices
F Gentile, G Das, ML Coluccio, F Mecarini, A Accardo, L Tirinato, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 87 (5-8), 798-801, 2010
In situ X-ray scattering studies of protein solution droplets drying on micro-and nanopatterned superhydrophobic PMMA surfaces
A Accardo, F Gentile, F Mecarini, F De Angelis, M Burghammer, ...
Langmuir 26 (18), 15057-15064, 2010
Multiphoton direct laser writing and 3D imaging of polymeric freestanding architectures for cell colonization
A Accardo, MC Blatché, R Courson, I Loubinoux, C Thibault, L Malaquin, ...
Small 13 (27), 1700621, 2017
SERS analysis on exosomes using super-hydrophobic surfaces
L Tirinato, F Gentile, D Di Mascolo, ML Coluccio, G Das, C Liberale, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 97, 337-340, 2012
Fractal structure can explain the increased hydrophobicity of nanoporous silicon films
F Gentile, E Battista, A Accardo, ML Coluccio, M Asande, G Perozziello, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 88 (8), 2537-2540, 2011
Two-photon lithography and microscopy of 3D hydrogel scaffolds for neuronal cell growth
A Accardo, MC Blatché, R Courson, I Loubinoux, C Vieu, L Malaquin
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 4 (2), 027009, 2018
Amyloid β peptide conformational changes in the presence of a lipid membrane system
A Accardo, V Shalabaeva, M Cotte, M Burghammer, R Krahne, C Riekel, ...
Langmuir 30 (11), 3191-3198, 2014
Fast, active droplet interaction: coalescence and reactive mixing controlled by electrowetting on a superhydrophobic surface
A Accardo, F Mecarini, M Leoncini, F Brandi, E Di Cola, M Burghammer, ...
Lab on a Chip 13 (3), 332-335, 2013
Fabrication of biocompatible free-standing nanopatterned films for primary neuronal cultures
F Cesca, T Limongi, A Accardo, A Rocchi, M Orlando, V Shalabaeva, ...
RSC Advances 4 (86), 45696-45702, 2014
Ultrahydrophobic PMMA micro-and nano-textured surfaces fabricated by optical lithography and plasma etching for X-ray diffraction studies
A Accardo, F Gentile, F Mecarini, F De Angelis, M Burghammer, ...
Microelectronic engineering 88 (8), 1660-1663, 2011
Writing and functionalisation of suspended DNA nanowires on superhydrophobic pillar arrays
E Miele, A Accardo, A Falqui, M Marini, A Giugni, M Leoncini, ...
Small 11 (1), 134-140, 2015
Calcium carbonate mineralization: X-ray microdiffraction probing of the interface of an evaporating drop on a superhydrophobic surface
A Accardo, M Burghammer, ED Cola, M Reynolds, ED Fabrizio, C Riekel
Langmuir 27 (13), 8216-8222, 2011
Superhydrophobic surfaces boost fibril self-assembly of amyloid β peptides
A Accardo, V Shalabaeva, E Di Cola, M Burghammer, R Krahne, C Riekel, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (37), 20875-20884, 2015
Non periodic patterning of super-hydrophobic surfaces for the manipulation of few molecules
F Gentile, ML Coluccio, E Rondanina, S Santoriello, D Di Mascolo, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 111, 272-276, 2013
Superhydrophobic surfaces allow probing of exosome self organization using X-ray scattering
A Accardo, L Tirinato, D Altamura, T Sibillano, C Giannini, C Riekel, ...
Nanoscale 5 (6), 2295-2299, 2013
Engineered 3D polymer and hydrogel microenvironments for cell culture applications
D Fan, U Staufer, A Accardo
Bioengineering 6 (4), 113, 2019
Probing droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces by synchrotron radiation scattering techniques
A Accardo, E Di Fabrizio, T Limongi, G Marinaro, C Riekel
Journal of synchrotron radiation 21 (4), 643-653, 2014
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