Isabel Rey Fraile
Isabel Rey Fraile
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Simple technologies and diverse food strategies of the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene at Huaca Prieta, Coastal Peru
Dillehay, T.D., Goodbred, S., Pino, M., Vásquez Sánchez, V., Rosales Tham, T ...
Science Advances 3 (5), e1602778, 2017
Chronology, mound-building and environment at Huaca Prieta, coastal Peru, from 13 700 to 4000 years ago
TD Dillehay, D Bonavia, S Goodbred, M Pino, V Vasquez, TR Tham, ...
Antiquity 86 (331), 48, 2012
Where the land meets the sea: Fourteen millennia of human history at Huaca Prieta, Peru
TD Dillehay
University of Texas Press, 2017
Identifying cryptic speciation across groundwater populations: first COI sequences of Bathynellidae (Crustacea, Syncarida)
AI Camacho, BA Dorda, I Rey
Graellsia 67 (1), 7-12, 2011
Organizing specimen and tissue preservation in the field for subsequent molecular analyses
B Gemeinholzer, I Rey, K Weising, M Grundman, AN Muellner, ...
Manual on Field Recording Techniques and Protocols for All Taxa Biodiversity …, 2010
Biological mass extinctions on planet Earth
G Dorado, I Rey, TE Rosales, FJS Sánchez-Cañete, F Luque, I Jiménez, ...
Archaeobios 4, 53-64, 2010
The impact of historical and recent factors on genetic variability in a mountain frog: the case of Rana iberica (Anura: Ranidae)
I Martínez‐Solano, I Rey, M García‐París
Animal Conservation 8 (4), 431-441, 2005
Sequencing ancient and modern genomes
G Dorado, V Vásquez, I Rey, F Luque, I Jiménez, A Morales, M Gálvez, ...
Archaeobios, 75, 2008
Archaeology meets Molecular Biology
G Dorado, V Vásquez, I Rey, JL Vega-Pla
Analytical Biochemistry 247, 30-33, 2007
Ancient DNA to decipher the domestication of dog
G Dorado, IR Fraile, FJS Sánchez-Cañete, F Luque, I Jiménez, M Gálvez, ...
Archaeobios, 127-132, 2009
Genomics and proteomics in bioarchaeology-Review.
G Dorado, I Jiménez, I Rey, FJS Sánchez-Cañete, F Luque, A Morales, ...
Archaeobios 7 (1), 2013
Ancient nucleic acids from maize: a review
GD Pérez, TER Tham, F Luque, FJS Sánchez-Cañete, IR Fraile, I Jiménez, ...
Archaeobios, 21-28, 2011
An improved method of extracting degraded DNA samples from birds and other species
I Alda, F., Rey, I., Doadrio
Ardeola 54 (2), 331-334, 2007
A note on the systematic position of the Bathynellacea (Crustacea, Malacostraca) using molecular evidence
AI Camacho, I Rey, BA Dorda, A Machordom, AG Valdecasas
Contributions to Zoology 71 (4), 123-129, 2002
Undisclosed taxonomic diversity of Bathynellacea (Malacostraca: Syncarida) in the Iberian Peninsula revealed by molecular data
AI Camacho, BA Dorda, I Rey
Journal of Crustacean Biology 32 (5), 816-826, 2012
Isotopes in archaeology-Review
GD Pérez, TER Tham, F Luque, FJS Sánchez-Cañete, I Rey, I Jiménez, ...
Archaeobios, 79-91, 2012
Forensic analysis of dog (Canis lupus familiaris) mitochondrial DNA sequences: An inter-laboratory study of the GEP-ISFG working group
B van Asch, C Albarran, A Alonso, R Angulo, C Alves, E Betancor, ...
Forensic Science International: Genetics 4 (1), 49-54, 2009
Old and new taxonomic tools: description of a new genus and two new species of Bathynellidae from Spain with morphological and molecular characters
AI Camacho, BA Dorda, I Rey
Journal of Natural History 47 (21-22), 1393-1420, 2013
Traditional water mite fixatives and their compatibility with later DNA studies
BA Rey, I., Dorda, AG Valdecasas
Experimental & applied acarology 34 (1-2), 59-65, 2002
Age determination of Galemys pyrenaicus
J González-Esteban, I Villate, E Castién, I Rey, J Gosálbez
Acta theriologica 47 (1), 107-112, 2002
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