Luis R. Pertierra
Luis R. Pertierra
Instituto Milenio BASE. Santiago, Chile
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Towards the integration of sustainability in Higher Education Institutions: A review of drivers of and barriers to organisational change and their comparison against those …
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Biological invasions in terrestrial Antarctica: what is the current status and can we respond?
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MERRAclim, a high-resolution global dataset of remotely sensed bioclimatic variables for ecological modelling
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Sustainability Leaders’ Perceptions on the Drivers for and the Barriers to the Integration of Sustainability in Latin American Higher Education Institutions
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Global thermal niche models of two European grasses show high invasion risks in Antarctica
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Area protection in Antarctica: How can conservation and scientific research goals be managed compatibly?
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Genome-wide analyses reveal drivers of penguin diversification
JA Vianna, FAN Fernandes, MJ Frugone, HV Figueiró, LR Pertierra, ...
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Poa pratensis L., current status of the longest-established non-native vascular plant in the Antarctic
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Soil features in rookeries of Antarctic penguins reveal sea to land biotransport of chemical pollutants
AC Santamans, R Boluda, A Picazo, C Gil, J Ramos-Miras, P Tejedo, ...
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Rapid denudation processes in cryptogamic communities from Maritime Antarctica subjected to human trampling
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Combining correlative and mechanistic niche models with human activity data to elucidate the invasive potential of a sub‐Antarctic insect
LR Pertierra, JC Bartlett, GA Duffy, GC Vega, KA Hughes, SAL Hayward, ...
Journal of Biogeography 47 (3), 658-673, 2020
An insect invasion of Antarctica: the past, present and future distribution of Eretmoptera murphyi (Diptera, Chironomidae) on Signy Island
JC Bartlett, P Convey, LR Pertierra, SAL Hayward
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Trampling on maritime Antarctica: can soil ecosystems be effectively protected through existing codes of conduct?
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Assessing environmental conditions of Antarctic footpaths to support management decisions
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Cryptic speciation in gentoo penguins is driven by geographic isolation and regional marine conditions: Unforeseen vulnerabilities to global change
LR Pertierra, NI Segovia, D Noll, PA Martinez, P Pliscoff, A Barbosa, ...
Diversity and Distributions 26 (8), 958-975, 2020
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