John (Gustafsson) Lövrot
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An HIF-1α/VEGF-A axis in cytotoxic T cells regulates tumor progression
A Palazon, PA Tyrakis, D Macias, P Veliça, H Rundqvist, S Fitzpatrick, ...
Cancer cell 32 (5), 669-683. e5, 2017
Spatially and functionally distinct subclasses of breast cancer-associated fibroblasts revealed by single cell RNA sequencing
M Bartoschek, N Oskolkov, M Bocci, J Lövrot, C Larsson, M Sommarin, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-13, 2018
Molecular subtype and tumor characteristics of breast cancer metastases as assessed by gene expression significantly influence patient post-relapse survival
NP Tobin, JC Harrell, J Lövrot, S Egyhazi Brage, M Frostvik Stolt, ...
Annals of oncology 26 (1), 81-88, 2015
Warping two‐dimensional electrophoresis gel images to correct for geometric distortions of the spot pattern
JS Gustafsson, A Blomberg, M Rudemo
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Statistical exploration of variation in quantitative two‐dimensional gel electrophoresis data
JS Gustafsson, R Ceasar, CA Glasbey, A Blomberg, M Rudemo
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Endothelial ALK1 is a therapeutic target to block metastatic dissemination of breast cancer
SI Cunha, M Bocci, J Lövrot, N Eleftheriou, P Roswall, E Cordero, ...
Cancer research 75 (12), 2445-2456, 2015
Evolutionary history of metastatic breast cancer reveals minimal seeding from axillary lymph nodes
I Ullah, GM Karthik, A Alkodsi, U Kjällquist, G Stålhammar, J Lövrot, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 128 (4), 1355-1370, 2018
mTOR inhibitors counteract tamoxifen-induced activation of breast cancer stem cells
GM Karthik, R Ma, J Lövrot, LL Kis, C Lindh, L Blomquist, I Fredriksson, ...
Cancer letters 367 (1), 76-87, 2015
Estrogen receptor β as a therapeutic target in breast cancer stem cells
R Ma, GM Karthik, J Lövrot, F Haglund, G Rosin, A Katchy, X Zhang, ...
Journal Of The National Cancer Institute 109 (3), djw236, 2017
A novel ACKR2-dependent role of fibroblast-derived CXCL14 in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and metastasis of breast cancer
E Sjöberg, M Meyrath, L Milde, M Herrera, J Lövrot, D Hägerstrand, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 25 (12), 3702-3717, 2019
Comparative proteomics of industrial lager yeast reveals differential expression of the cerevisiae and non‐cerevisiae parts of their genomes
R Caesar, J Palmfeldt, JS Gustafsson, E Pettersson, SH Hashemi, ...
Proteomics 7 (22), 4135-4147, 2007
Prognostic implications of PD-L1 expression in breast cancer: systematic review and meta-analysis of immunohistochemistry and pooled analysis of transcriptomic data
A Matikas, I Zerdes, J Lövrot, F Richard, C Sotiriou, J Bergh, A Valachis, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 25 (18), 5717-5726, 2019
A statistical model for unwarping of 1‐D electrophoresis gels
C Glasbey, L Vali, J Gustafsson
Electrophoresis 26 (22), 4237-4242, 2005
Gene expression profiling of sequential metastatic biopsies for biomarker discovery in breast cancer
T Foukakis, J Lövrot, P Sandqvist, H Xie, LS Lindström, C Giorgetti, ...
Molecular oncology 9 (7), 1384-1391, 2015
Relationship between intracardiac impedance and left ventricular contractility in patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy
MR Ginks, E Sciaraffia, A Karlsson, J Gustafsson, S Hamid, J Bostock, ...
Europace 13 (7), 984-991, 2011
Immune gene expression and response to chemotherapy in advanced breast cancer
T Foukakis, J Lövrot, A Matikas, I Zerdes, J Lorent, N Tobin, C Suzuki, ...
British journal of cancer 118 (4), 480-488, 2018
A minority-group of renal cell cancer patients with high infiltration of CD20+ B-cells is associated with poor prognosis
E Sjöberg, M Frödin, J Lövrot, A Mezheyeuski, M Johansson, ...
British journal of cancer 119 (7), 840-846, 2018
Dynamic evaluation of the immune infiltrate and immune function genes as predictive markers for neoadjuvant chemotherapy in hormone receptor positive, HER2 negative breast cancer
A Matikas, J Lövrot, A Ramberg, M Eriksson, T Lindsten, T Lekberg, ...
Oncoimmunology 7 (9), e1466017, 2018
Intra-tumor heterogeneity in breast cancer has limited impact on transcriptomic-based molecular profiling
GM Karthik, M Rantalainen, G Stålhammar, J Lövrot, I Ullah, A Alkodsi, ...
BMC cancer 17 (1), 802, 2017
Neuromodulation for Hypertension Control
A Karlsson, S Rosenberg, J Gustafsson
US Patent App. 13/456,140, 2013
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