Jack H Vossen
Jack H Vossen
Plant Breeding, Wageningen U&R, The Netherlands
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The Tomato R Gene Products I-2 and Mi-1 Are Functional ATP Binding Proteins with ATPase Activity
WIL Tameling, SDJ Elzinga, PS Darmin, JH Vossen, FLW Takken, ...
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Understanding and exploiting late blight resistance in the age of effectors
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In silicio identification of glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol-anchored plasma-membrane and cell wall proteins of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
FMK L.H.P. Caro, H. Tettelin, J.H. Vossen, A.F.J. Ram, H. van den Ende
Yeast 13, 1477-1489, 1997
Mutations in the NB-ARC domain of I-2 that impair ATP hydrolysis cause autoactivation
WIL Tameling, JH Vossen, M Albrecht, T Lengauer, JA Berden, MA Haring, ...
Plant physiology 140 (4), 1233-1245, 2006
The novel Cladosporium fulvum lysin motif effector Ecp6 is a virulence factor with orthologues in other fungal species
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NLR network mediates immunity to diverse plant pathogens
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (30), 8113–8118, 2017
Functional stacking of three resistance genes against Phytophthora infestans in potato
S Zhu, Y Li, JH Vossen, RGF Visser, E Jacobsen
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Mass spectrometric identification of isoforms of PR proteins in xylem sap of fungus-infected tomato
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Durable late blight resistance in potato through dynamic varieties obtained by cisgenesis: scientific and societal advances in the DuRPh project
AJ Haverkort, PM Boonekamp, R Hutten, E Jacobsen, LAP Lotz, ...
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Qualitative and quantitative late blight resistance in the potato cultivar Sarpo Mira is determined by the perception of five distinct RXLR effectors
H Rietman, G Bijsterbosch, LM Cano, HR Lee, JH Vossen, E Jacobsen, ...
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 25 (7), 910-919, 2012
An NB‐LRR protein required for HR signalling mediated by both extra‐and intracellular resistance proteins
SHEJ Gabriëls, JH Vossen, SK Ekengren, G Ooijen, AM Abd‐El‐Haliem, ...
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Development of late blight resistant potatoes by cisgene stacking
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BMC biotechnology 14, 1-10, 2014
Heat shock protein 90 and its co‐chaperone protein phosphatase 5 interact with distinct regions of the tomato I‐2 disease resistance protein
SF van Bentem, JH Vossen, KJ Vries, S Wees, WIL Tameling, HL Dekker, ...
The Plant Journal 43 (2), 284-298, 2005
Broad spectrum late blight resistance in potato differential set plants MaR8 and MaR9 is conferred by multiple stacked R genes
HJ Kim, HR Lee, KR Jo, SMM Mortazavian, DJ Huigen, B Evenhuis, ...
Theoretical and applied genetics 124, 923-935, 2012
Identification of tomato phosphatidylinositol‐specific phospholipase‐C (PI‐PLC) family members and the role of PLC4 and PLC6 in HR and disease resistance
JH Vossen, A Abd‐El‐Haliem, EF Fradin, GCM Van Den Berg, ...
The Plant Journal 62 (2), 224-239, 2010
cDNA-AFLP combined with functional analysis reveals novel genes involved in the hypersensitive response
SHEJ Gabriëls, FLW Takken, JH Vossen, CF de Jong, Q Liu, SCHJ Turk, ...
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 19 (6), 567-576, 2006
A Secreted SPRY Domain-Containing Protein (SPRYSEC) from the Plant-Parasitic Nematode Globodera rostochiensis Interacts with a CC-NB-LRR Protein from a …
S Rehman, W Postma, T Tytgat, P Prins, L Qin, H Overmars, J Vossen, ...
Molecular plant-microbe interactions 22 (3), 330-340, 2009
Characterization of five tomato phospholipase D cDNAs: rapid and specific expression of LePLDβ1 on elicitation with xylanase
AM Laxalt, B Ter Riet, JC Verdonk, L Parigi, WIL Tameling, J Vossen, ...
The Plant Journal 26 (3), 237-247, 2001
Cloning and Characterization of R3b; Members of the R3 Superfamily of Late Blight Resistance Genes Show Sequence and Functional Divergence
G Li, S Huang, X Guo, Y Li, Y Yang, Z Guo, H Kuang, H Rietman, ...
Molecular plant-microbe interactions 24 (10), 1132-1142, 2011
The Ph-3 gene from Solanum pimpinellifolium encodes CC-NBS-LRR protein conferring resistance to Phytophthora infestans
C Zhang, L Liu, X Wang, J Vossen, G Li, T Li, Z Zheng, J Gao, Y Guo, ...
Theoretical and applied genetics 127, 1353-1364, 2014
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