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Ionic liquids and cellulose: dissolution, chemical modification and preparation of new cellulosic materials
M Isik, H Sardon, D Mecerreyes
International journal of molecular sciences 15 (7), 11922-11940, 2014
Tailor-made polymer electrolytes based upon ionic liquids and their application in all-plastic electrochromic devices
R Marcilla, F Alcaide, H Sardon, JA Pomposo, C Pozo-Gonzalo, ...
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Current trends in redox polymers for energy and medicine
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H Sardon, L Irusta, MJ Fernández-Berridi, M Lansalot, E Bourgeat-Lami
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Plastics recycling with a difference
H Sardon, AP Dove
Science 360 (6387), 380-381, 2018
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H Sardon, L Irusta, MJ Fernández-Berridi
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A Pascual, JPK Tan, A Yuen, JMW Chan, DJ Coady, D Mecerreyes, ...
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DJ Coady, HW Horn, GO Jones, H Sardon, AC Engler, RM Waymouth, ...
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Antibacterial silk fibroin/nanohydroxyapatite hydrogels with silver and gold nanoparticles for bone regeneration
M Ribeiro, MP Ferraz, FJ Monteiro, MH Fernandes, MM Beppu, ...
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AC Engler, JMW Chan, DJ Coady, JM O’brien, H Sardon, A Nelson, ...
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Packaging materials with desired mechanical and barrier properties and full chemical recyclability
A Sangroniz, JB Zhu, X Tang, A Etxeberria, EYX Chen, H Sardon
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Aromatic diselenide crosslinkers to enhance the reprocessability and self-healing of polyurethane thermosets
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D Mantione, I Del Agua, W Schaafsma, J Diez‐Garcia, B Castro, H Sardon, ...
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A Yuen, A Bossion, E Gómez-Bengoa, F Ruipérez, M Isik, JL Hedrick, ...
Polymer Chemistry 7 (11), 2105-2111, 2016
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