Sonia Maria Gomes
Sonia Maria Gomes
Professor of Applied Mathematics, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP Brazil
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On a singular nonlinear elliptic problem
SM Gomes
SIAM journal on mathematical analysis 17 (6), 1359-1369, 1986
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MO Domingues, SM Gomes, O Roussel, K Schneider
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PRB Devloo, PD Fernandes, SM Gomes, CMAA Bravo, RG Damas
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MK Kaibara, SM Gomes
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Convergence estimates for the wavelet Galerkin method
SM Gomes, E Cortina
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Some results on the convergence of sampling series based on convolution integrals
SM Gomes, E Cortina
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JE Bouillet, SM Gomes
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DA Castro, PRB Devloo, AM Farias, SM Gomes, D de Siqueira, O Durán
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P Pinho, MO Domingues, PJSG Ferreira, SM Gomes, A Gomide, ...
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R Deiterding, MO Domingues, SM Gomes, O Roussel, K Schneider
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MO Domingues, SM Gomes, LMA Dı́az
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SM Gomes, AK Kushpel, J Levesley, DL Ragozin
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Krasnoselskii's theorem on operators compressing a cone: Application to some singular boundary value problems
SM Gomes, J Sprekels
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Stabilized discontinuous Galerkin method for hyperbolic equations
JLD Calle, PRB Devloo, SM Gomes
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 194 (17), 1861-1874, 2005
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