Meng Nan Chong
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Recent developments in photocatalytic water treatment technology: a review
MN Chong, B Jin, CWK Chow, C Saint
Water research 44 (10), 2997-3027, 2010
Bacterial inactivation kinetics, regrowth and synergistic competition in a photocatalytic disinfection system using anatase titanate nanofiber catalyst
MN Chong, B Jin, H Zhu, C Saint
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Electrochemical oxidation remediation of real wastewater effluents—a review
S Garcia-Segura, JD Ocon, MN Chong
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 113, 48-67, 2018
Nanostructured tungsten trioxide thin films synthesized for photoelectrocatalytic water oxidation: a review
T Zhu, MN Chong, ES Chan
ChemSusChem 7 (11), 2974-2997, 2014
Synthesis and characterisation of novel titania impregnated kaolinite nano-photocatalyst
MN Chong, V Vimonses, S Lei, B Jin, C Chow, C Saint
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 117 (1-2), 233-242, 2009
Optimisation of an annular photoreactor process for degradation of Congo Red using a newly synthesized titania impregnated kaolinite nano-photocatalyst
MN Chong, S Lei, B Jin, C Saint, CWK Chow
Separation and Purification Technology 67 (3), 355-363, 2009
Prevalence of human pathogens and indicators in stormwater runoff in Brisbane, Australia
JPS Sidhu, L Hodgers, W Ahmed, MN Chong, S Toze
Water research 46 (20), 6652-6660, 2012
Feasibility study on the application of advanced oxidation technologies for decentralised wastewater treatment
MN Chong, AK Sharma, S Burn, CP Saint
Journal of Cleaner Production 35, 230-238, 2012
Photocatalytic treatment of high concentration carbamazepine in synthetic hospital wastewater
MN Chong, B Jin
Journal of Hazardous Materials 199, 135-142, 2012
Evaluation of Titanium dioxide photocatalytic technology for the treatment of reactive Black 5 dye in synthetic and real greywater effluents
MN Chong, YJ Cho, PE Poh, B Jin
Journal of cleaner production 89, 196-202, 2015
E-waste in the international context–A review of trade flows, regulations, hazards, waste management strategies and technologies for value recovery
I Ilankoon, Y Ghorbani, MN Chong, G Herath, T Moyo, J Petersen
Waste Management 82, 258-275, 2018
Synthesis, characterisation and application of TiO2–zeolite nanocomposites for the advanced treatment of industrial dye wastewater
MN Chong, ZY Tneu, PE Poh, B Jin, R Aryal
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 50, 288-296, 2015
Application of H-titanate nanofibers for degradation of Congo Red in an annular slurry photoreactor
MN Chong, B Jin, HY Zhu, CWK Chow, C Saint
Chemical Engineering Journal 150 (1), 49-54, 2009
An integrated MBR–TiO2 photocatalysis process for the removal of Carbamazepine from simulated pharmaceutical industrial effluent
G Laera, MN Chong, B Jin, A Lopez
Bioresource technology 102 (13), 7012-7015, 2011
Prospects of hybrid rainwater-greywater decentralised system for water recycling and reuse: A review
JYC Leong, KS Oh, PE Poh, MN Chong
Journal of cleaner production 142, 3014-3027, 2017
Evaluation of plumbed rainwater tanks in households for sustainable water resource management: a real-time monitoring study
S Umapathi, MN Chong, AK Sharma
Journal of Cleaner Production 42, 204-214, 2013
Evaluation of physicochemical methods in enhancing the adsorption performance of natural zeolite as low-cost adsorbent of methylene blue dye from wastewater
KY Hor, JMC Chee, MN Chong, B Jin, C Saint, PE Poh, R Aryal
Journal of Cleaner Production 118, 197-209, 2016
Prospects of electrochemically synthesized hematite photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting: a review
YW Phuan, WJ Ong, MN Chong, JD Ocon
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews 33, 54-82, 2017
A desktop analysis of potable water savings from internally plumbed rainwater tanks in South-East Queensland, Australia
CD Beal, A Sharma, T Gardner, M Chong
Water resources management 26 (6), 1577-1590, 2012
Prospects of metal–insulator–semiconductor (MIS) nanojunction structures for enhanced hydrogen evolution in photoelectrochemical cells: a review
T Zhu, MN Chong
Nano Energy 12, 347-373, 2015
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