Sabine Filker
Sabine Filker
Juniorprofessor of Molecular Ecology, University of Kaiserslautern
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Microbial eukaryote life in the new hypersaline deep-sea basin Thetis
A Stock, HW Breiner, M Pachiadaki, V Edgcomb, S Filker, V La Cono, ...
Extremophiles 16 (1), 21-34, 2012
A morphogenetic survey on ciliate plankton from a mountain lake pinpoints the necessity of lineage‐specific barcode markers in microbial ecology
T Stoeck, HW Breiner, S Filker, V Ostermaier, B Kammerlander, ...
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Microbial eukaryote plankton communities of high‐mountain lakes from three continents exhibit strong biogeographic patterns
S Filker, R Sommaruga, I Vila, T Stoeck
Molecular ecology 25 (10), 2286-2301, 2016
Comparing High‐throughput Platforms for Sequencing the V4 Region of SSU‐r DNA in Environmental Microbial Eukaryotic Diversity Surveys
F Mahé, J Mayor, J Bunge, J Chi, T Siemensmeyer, T Stoeck, B Wahl, ...
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 62 (3), 338-345, 2015
High diversity of protistan plankton communities in remote high mountain lakes in the European Alps and the Himalayan mountains
B Kammerlander, HW Breiner, S Filker, R Sommaruga, B Sonntag, ...
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Evidence for isolated evolution of deep-sea ciliate communities through geological separation and environmental selection
A Stock, V Edgcomb, W Orsi, S Filker, HW Breiner, MM Yakimov, T Stoeck
BMC microbiology 13 (1), 150, 2013
Novel active kinetoplastids associated with hypersaline anoxic basins in the Eastern Mediterranean deep-sea
VP Edgcomb, W Orsi, HW Breiner, A Stock, S Filker, MM Yakimov, ...
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 58 (10), 1040-1048, 2011
Protistan diversity in a permanently stratified meromictic lake (Lake A latsee, SW G ermany)
A Oikonomou, S Filker, HW Breiner, T Stoeck
Environmental Microbiology 17 (6), 2144-2157, 2015
Schmidingerothrix salinarum nov. spec. is the Molecular Sister of the Large Oxytrichid Clade (Ciliophora, Hypotricha)
W Foissner, S Filker, T Stoeck
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 61 (1), 61-74, 2014
Deep sequencing uncovers protistan plankton diversity in the Portuguese Ria Formosa solar saltern ponds
S Filker, A Gimmler, M Dunthorn, F Mahé, T Stoeck
Extremophiles 19 (2), 283-295, 2015
Morphology, ontogenesis and molecular phylogeny of Platynematum salinarum nov. spec., a new scuticociliate (Ciliophora, Scuticociliatia) from a solar saltern
W Foissner, JH Jung, S Filker, J Rudolph, T Stoeck
European Journal of Protistology 50 (2), 174-184, 2014
Identification of osmoadaptive strategies in the halophile, heterotrophic ciliate Schmidingerothrix salinarum
L Weinisch, S Kühner, R Roth, M Grimm, T Roth, DJA Netz, AJ Pierik, ...
PLoS biology 16 (1), e2003892, 2018
Description of the Halophile Euplotes qatarensis nov. spec. (Ciliophora, Spirotrichea, Euplotida) Isolated from the Hypersaline Khor Al‐Adaid Lagoon in Qatar
R Fotedar, T Stoeck, S Filker, JW Fell, S Agatha, M Al Marri, J Jiang
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 63 (5), 578-590, 2016
Living at the limits: evidence for microbial eukaryotes thriving under pressure in deep anoxic, hypersaline habitats
T Stoeck, S Filker, V Edgcomb, W Orsi, MM Yakimov, M Pachiadaki, ...
Advances in Ecology 2014, 2014
“Candidatus Haloectosymbiotes riaformosensis”(Halobacteriaceae), an archaeal ectosymbiont of the hypersaline ciliate Platynematum salinarum
S Filker, M Kaiser, R Rosselló-Móra, M Dunthorn, G Lax, T Stoeck
Systematic and applied microbiology 37 (4), 244-251, 2014
Environmental selection of protistan plankton communities in hypersaline anoxic deep‐sea basins, E astern M editerranean S ea
S Filker, A Stock, HW Breiner, V Edgcomb, W Orsi, MM Yakimov, T Stoeck
Microbiologyopen 2 (1), 54-63, 2013
Transition boundaries for protistan species turnover in hypersaline waters of different biogeographic regions
S Filker, D Forster, L Weinisch, M Mora‐Ruiz, B González, ME Farías, ...
Environmental microbiology 19 (8), 3186-3200, 2017
A comparison of different ciliate metabarcode genes as bioindicators for environmental impact assessments of salmon aquaculture
D Forster, S Filker, R Kochems, HW Breiner, T Cordier, J Pawlowski, ...
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 66 (2), 294-308, 2019
Patterns and drivers of vertical distribution of the ciliate community from the surface to the abyssopelagic zone in the Western Pacific Ocean
F Zhao, S Filker, K Xu, P Huang, S Zheng
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 2559, 2017
Glycine betaine and ectoine are the major compatible solutes used by four different halophilic heterotrophic ciliates
L Weinisch, I Kirchner, M Grimm, S Kühner, AJ Pierik, R Rosselló-Móra, ...
Microbial ecology 77 (2), 317-331, 2019
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