Bo Mattiasson
Bo Mattiasson
Professor o Biotechnology, Lund University
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‘Smart’polymers and what they could do in biotechnology and medicine
IY Galaev, B Mattiasson
Trends in biotechnology 17 (8), 335-340, 1999
Polymeric cryogels as promising materials of biotechnological interest
VI Lozinsky, IY Galaev, FM Plieva, IN Savina, H Jungvid, B Mattiasson
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Smart polymers: physical forms and bioengineering applications
A Kumar, A Srivastava, IY Galaev, B Mattiasson
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Impact of food industrial waste on anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge and pig manure
M Murto, L Björnsson, B Mattiasson
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Anaerobic digestion of lipid-rich waste—effects of lipid concentration
DG Cirne, X Paloumet, L Björnsson, MM Alves, B Mattiasson
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The potential of polymeric cryogels in bioseparation
VI Lozinsky, FM Plieva, IY Galaev, B Mattiasson
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Anaerobic batch co-digestion of sisal pulp and fish wastes
A Mshandete, A Kivaisi, M Rubindamayugi, BO Mattiasson
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Biogas as a resource-efficient vehicle fuel
P Börjesson, B Mattiasson
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Purification and characterization of cellulases produced by two Bacillus strains
C Mawadza, R Hatti-Kaul, R Zvauya, B Mattiasson
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Anaerobic batch digestion of solid potato waste alone and in combination with sugar beet leaves
W Parawira, M Murto, R Zvauya, B Mattiasson
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Green approach for the preparation of biodegradable lubricant base stock from epoxidized vegetable oil
PS Lathi, B Mattiasson
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Matrix-bound enzymes
K Mosbach
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Whole cell-and protein-based biosensors for the detection of bioavailable heavy metals in environmental samples
P Corbisier, D van der Lelie, B Borremans, A Provoost, V de Lorenzo, ...
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On the importance of the support material for bioorganic synthesis: Influence of water partition between solvent, enzyme and solid support in water‐poor reaction media
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Novel alkaline proteases from alkaliphilic bacteria grown on chicken feather
A Gessesse, R Hatti-Kaul, BA Gashe, BO Mattiasson
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Chromatography of microbial cells using continuous supermacroporous affinity and ion-exchange columns
P Arvidsson, FM Plieva, IN Savina, VI Lozinsky, S Fexby, L Bülow, ...
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Organic solvents for bioorganic synthesis
M Reslow, P Adlercreutz, B Mattiasson
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 26 (1), 1-8, 1987
Effect of particle size on biogas yield from sisal fibre waste
A Mshandete, L Björnsson, AK Kivaisi, MST Rubindamayugi, ...
Renewable energy 31 (14), 2385-2392, 2006
Energy production from agricultural residues: high methane yields in pilot-scale two-stage anaerobic digestion
W Parawira, JS Read, B Mattiasson, L Björnsson
Biomass and Bioenergy 32 (1), 44-50, 2008
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