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Sruthi Radhakrishnan
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Exfoliation of a non-van der Waals material from iron ore hematite
S Radhakrishnan, AP Balan, CF Woellner, SK Sinha, L Deng, ...
Nature nanotechnology, 1, 2018
Fluorinated h-BN as a magnetic semiconductor
S Radhakrishnan, D Das, A Samanta, A Carlos, L Deng, LB Alemany, ...
Science advances 3 (7), e1700842, 2017
Functionalized boron nitride porous solids
PM Sudeep, S Vinod, S Ozden, R Sruthi, A Kukovecz, Z Konya, R Vajtai, ...
RSC advances 5 (114), 93964-93968, 2015
3D Porous Graphene by Low‐Temperature Plasma Welding for Bone Implants
D Chakravarty, CS Tiwary, CF Woellner, S Radhakrishnan, S Vinod, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (40), 8959-8967, 2016
Oxygen incorporated WS 2 nanoclusters with superior electrocatalytic properties for hydrogen evolution reaction
PV Sarma, CS Tiwary, S Radhakrishnan, PM Ajayan, MM Shaijumon
Nanoscale 10 (20), 9516-9524, 2018
High hardness in the biocompatible intermetallic compound β-Ti3Au
E Svanidze, T Besara, MF Ozaydin, CS Tiwary, JK Wang, R Sruthi, S Mani, ...
Science Advances 2 (7), 1600319, 2016
A Non-van der Waals Two-Dimensional Material from Natural Titanium Mineral Ore Ilmenite
A Puthirath Balan, S Radhakrishnan, R Kumar, R Neupane, SK Sinha, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (17), 5923-5931, 2018
Metal‐Free Dual Modal Contrast Agents Based on Fluorographene Quantum Dots
S Radhakrishnan, A Samanta, PM Sudeep, KL Maldonado, SA Mani, ...
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 34 (1), 1600221, 2017
Three-Dimensional Porous Sponges from Collagen Biowastes
M Ashokkumar, A Cristian Chipara, N Tharangattu Narayanan, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (23), 14836-14844, 2016
Temperature Assisted Shear Exfoliation of Layered Crystals for the Large Scale Synthesis of Catalytically Active Luminescent Quantum Dots
S Pal, KK Tadi, PM Sudeep, R Sruthi, TN Narayanan
Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 2017
Chromiteen: A new 2D oxide magnetic material from natural ore
TP Yadav, SN Shirodkar, N Lertcumfu, S Radhakrishnan, FN Sayed, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 5 (19), 1800549, 2018
An Insight into the Phase Transformation of WS2 upon Fluorination
S Radhakrishnan, D Das, L Deng, PM Sudeep, G Colas, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (44), 1803366, 2018
Underwater adhesive using solid–liquid polymer mixes
AC Chipara, T Tsafack, PS Owuor, J Yeon, CE Junkermeier, ...
Materials today chemistry 9, 149-157, 2018
Magnetic Properties and Photocatalytic Applications of 2D Sheets of Non-Layered Manganese Telluride by Liquid Exfoliation
S Radhakrishnan, A Puthirath Balan, R Kumar, R Neupane, SK Sinha, ...
ACS Appl. Nano Mater, 2018
Defluorination of Fluorographene Oxide via Solvent Interactions
K Tadi, S Bikarolla, K Borker, S Pal, N Kunchur, I N, S Radhakrishnan, ...
Particle & Particle System Characterization, 2017
Poly-albumen: Bio-derived structural polymer from polymerized egg white
O Peter, R Sruthi, A Pulickel, et. al
Materials Today Chemistry 9, 73-79, 2018
Multifunctional Hybrids Based on 2D Fluorinated Graphene Oxide and Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
S Radhakrishnan, PM Sudeep, JH Park, CF Woellner, K Maladonado, ...
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 34 (11), 2017
Effect of Fe substitution by Co on off-stoichiometric Ni–Fe–Co–Mn–Sn Heusler alloy ribbons
SS Mishra, S Mukhopadhyay, TP Yadav, RM Yadav, S Radhakrishnan, ...
Materials Research Express 4 (8), 086507, 2017
Fluorinated Boron Nitride Quantum Dots: A New 0D Material for Energy Conversion and Detection of Cellular Metabolism
S Radhakrishnan, JH Park, R Neupane, CA de los Reyes, PM Sudeep, ...
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 36 (2), 1800346, 2019
Materials Today Chemistry
PS Owuor, T Tsafack, H Agrawal, HY Hwang, M Zelisko, T Li, ...
Materials Today 9, 73e79, 2018
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