Do Kyung Hwang
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Improving the gate stability of ZnO thin-film transistors with aluminum oxide dielectric layers
MS Oh, K Lee, JH Song, BH Lee, MM Sung, DK Hwang, S Im
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 155 (12), H1009, 2008
Few-layer black phosphorus field-effect transistors with reduced current fluctuation
J Na, YT Lee, JA Lim, DK Hwang, GT Kim, WK Choi, YW Song
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Top‐Gate Organic Field‐Effect Transistors with High Environmental and Operational Stability
DK Hwang, C Fuentes‐Hernandez, J Kim, WJ Potscavage Jr, SJ Kim, ...
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Comparative studies on the stability of polymer versus gate dielectrics for pentacene thin-film transistors
DK Hwang, K Lee, JH Kim, S Im, JH Park, E Kim
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Hysteresis mechanisms of pentacene thin-film transistors with polymer/oxide bilayer gate dielectrics
DK Hwang, MS Oh, JM Hwang, JH Kim, S Im
Applied Physics Letters 92 (1), 4, 2008
Black phosphorus–zinc oxide nanomaterial heterojunction for p–n diode and junction field-effect transistor
PJ Jeon, YT Lee, JY Lim, JS Kim, DK Hwang, S Im
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ZnO-based nonvolatile memory thin-film transistors with polymer dielectric/ferroelectric double gate insulators
SH Noh, W Choi, MS Oh, DK Hwang, K Lee, S Im, S Jang, E Kim
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Inverted quantum dot light emitting diodes using polyethylenimine ethoxylated modified ZnO
HH Kim, S Park, Y Yi, DI Son, C Park, DK Hwang, WK Choi
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Solvent and polymer matrix effects on TIPS-pentacene/polymer blend organic field-effect transistors
DK Hwang, C Fuentes-Hernandez, JD Berrigan, Y Fang, J Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (12), 5531-5537, 2012
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory circuit using black phosphorus nanosheet-based field-effect transistors with P (VDF-TrFE) polymer
YT Lee, H Kwon, JS Kim, HH Kim, YJ Lee, JA Lim, YW Song, Y Yi, ...
Acs Nano 9 (10), 10394-10401, 2015
Polymer/YOx Hybrid‐Sandwich Gate Dielectrics for Semitransparent Pentacene Thin‐Film Transistors Operating Under 5 V
DK Hwang, CS Kim, JM Choi, K Lee, JH Park, E Kim, HK Baik, JH Kim, ...
Advanced Materials 18 (17), 2299-2303, 2006
Low-voltage high-mobility pentacene thin-film transistors with polymer/high- oxide double gate dielectrics
DK Hwang, K Lee, JH Kim, S Im, CS Kim, HK Baik, JH Park, E Kim
Applied physics letters 88 (24), 243513, 2006
Ultrasensitive PbS quantum-dot-sensitized InGaZnO hybrid photoinverter for near-infrared detection and imaging with high photogain
DK Hwang, YT Lee, HS Lee, YJ Lee, SH Shokouh, J Kyhm, J Lee, HH Kim, ...
NPG Asia Materials 8 (1), e233-e233, 2016
Flexible and stable solution-processed organic field-effect transistors
DK Hwang, C Fuentes-Hernandez, JB Kim, WJ Potscavage Jr, B Kippelen
Organic Electronics 12 (7), 1108-1113, 2011
Flexible semitransparent pentacene thin-film transistors with polymer dielectric layers and electrodes
J Lee, DK Hwang, JM Choi, K Lee, JH Kim, S Im, JH Park, E Kim
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Comparative study of the photoresponse from tetracene-based and pentacene-based thin-film transistors
JM Choi, J Lee, DK Hwang, JH Kim, S Im, E Kim
Applied Physics Letters 88 (4), 043508, 2006
Graphene Versus Ohmic Metal as Source‐Drain Electrode for MoS2 Nanosheet Transistor Channel
YT Lee, K Choi, HS Lee, SW Min, PJ Jeon, DK Hwang, HJ Choi, S Im
Small 10 (12), 2356-2361, 2014
Dual gate black phosphorus field effect transistors on glass for NOR logic and organic light emitting diode switching
JS Kim, PJ Jeon, J Lee, K Choi, HS Lee, Y Cho, YT Lee, DK Hwang, S Im
Nano letters 15 (9), 5778-5783, 2015
Studies on poly (methyl methacrylate) dielectric layer for field effect transistor: Influence of polymer tacticity
JH Park, DK Hwang, J Lee, S Im, E Kim
Thin Solid Films 515 (7-8), 4041-4044, 2007
Enhanced light scattering and trapping effect of Ag nanowire mesh electrode for high efficient flexible organic solar cell
BY Wang, TH Yoo, JW Lim, BI Sang, DS Lim, WK Choi, DK Hwang, YJ Oh
Small 11 (16), 1905-1911, 2015
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