Zohar Gvirtzman
Zohar Gvirtzman
Geological Survey of Israel; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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The formation of Mount Etna as the consequence of slab rollback
Z Gvirtzman, A Nur
Nature 401 (6755), 782-785, 1999
Residual topography, lithospheric structure and sunken slabs in the central Mediterranean
Z Gvirtzman, A Nur
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D Avigad, Z Gvirtzman
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Z Gvirtzman
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Z Gvirtzman, M Reshef, O Buch-Leviatan, Z Ben-Avraham
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Accelerated subsidence and sedimentation in the Levant Basin during the Late Tertiary and concurrent uplift of the Arabian platform: Tectonic versus counteracting sedimentary …
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Journal of sedimentary research 83 (11), 942-954, 2013
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