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Electron-ion collider: The next QCD frontier
A Accardi, JL Albacete, M Anselmino, N Armesto, EC Aschenauer, ...
The European Physical Journal A 52 (9), 268, 2016
Heavy-ion collisions at the LHC—last call for predictions
N Armesto, N Borghini, S Jeon, UA Wiedemann, S Abreu, SV Akkelin, ...
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 35 (5), 054001, 2008
Dynamics of hot bulk QCD matter: From the quark-gluon plasma to hadronic freeze-out
SA Bass, A Dumitru
Physical Review C 61 (6), 064909, 2000
Glasma flux tubes and the near side ridge phenomenon at RHIC
A Dumitru, F Gelis, L McLerran, R Venugopalan
Nuclear Physics A 810 (1-4), 91-108, 2008
The ridge in proton–proton collisions at the LHC
A Dumitru, K Dusling, F Gelis, J Jalilian-Marian, T Lappi, R Venugopalan
Physics Letters B 697 (1), 21-25, 2011
JL Albacete, N Armesto, R Baier, GG Barnaföldi, J Barrette, S De, ...
International Journal of Modern Physics E 22 (04), 1330007, 2013
The color glass condensate and hadron production in the forward region
A Dumitru, A Hayashigaki, J Jalilian-Marian
Nuclear Physics A 765 (3-4), 464-482, 2006
Centrality dependence of elliptic flow, the hydrodynamic limit, and the viscosity of hot QCD
HJ Drescher, A Dumitru, C Gombeaud, JY Ollitrault
Physical Review C 76 (2), 024905, 2007
Antiflow of nucleons at the softest point of the equation of state
J Brachmann, S Soff, A Dumitru, H Stoecker, JA Maruhn, W Greiner, ...
Physical Review C 61 (2), 024909, 2000
Eccentricity in heavy-ion collisions from color glass condensate initial conditions
A Adil, HJ Drescher, A Dumitru, A Hayashigaki, Y Nara
Physical Review C 74 (4), 044905, 2006
Event-by-event fluctuations from decay of a Polyakov loop condensate
A Dumitru, RD Pisarski
Physics Letters B 504 (4), 282-290, 2001
Forward quark jets from protons shattering the color glass condensate
A Dumitru, J Jalilian-Marian
Physical review letters 89 (2), 022301, 2002
How protons shatter colored glass
A Dumitru, L McLerran
Nuclear Physics A 700 (1-2), 492-508, 2002
Last call for RHIC predictions
SA Bass, M Bleicher, W Cassing, A Dumitru, HJ Drescher, KJ Eskola, ...
Nuclear Physics A 661 (1-4), 205-260, 1999
CGC predictions for p+ Pb collisions at the LHC
JL Albacete, A Dumitru, H Fujii, Y Nara
Nuclear Physics A 897, 1-27, 2013
Deconfining phase transition as a matrix model of renormalized Polyakov loops
A Dumitru, Y Hatta, J Lenaghan, K Orginos, RD Pisarski
Physical Review D 70 (3), 034511, 2004
Pion interferometry at RHIC: Probing a thermalized quark-gluon plasma?
S Soff, SA Bass, A Dumitru
Physical Review Letters 86 (18), 3981, 2001
Dense quarks, and the fermion sign problem, in a S U (N) matrix model
A Dumitru, RD Pisarski, D Zschiesche
Physical Review D 72 (6), 065008, 2005
Hadronic freeze-out following a first order hadronization phase transition in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions
SA Bass, A Dumitru, M Bleicher, L Bravina, E Zabrodin, H Stöcker, ...
Physical Review C 60 (2), 021902, 1999
Hydrodynamics near a chiral critical point
K Paech, H Stöcker, A Dumitru
Physical Review C 68 (4), 044907, 2003
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