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Achieving over 15% efficiency in organic photovoltaic cells via copolymer design
Y Cui, H Yao, L Hong, T Zhang, Y Xu, K Xian, B Gao, J Qin, J Zhang, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (14), 1808356, 2019
Single‐Junction Organic Photovoltaic Cells with Approaching 18% Efficiency
Y Cui, H Yao, J Zhang, K Xian, T Zhang, L Hong, Y Wang, Y Xu, K Ma, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (19), 1908205, 2020
Eco‐compatible solvent‐processed organic photovoltaic cells with over 16% efficiency
L Hong, H Yao, Z Wu, Y Cui, T Zhang, Y Xu, R Yu, Q Liao, B Gao, K Xian, ...
Advanced materials 31 (39), 1903441, 2019
14.7% Efficiency organic photovoltaic cells enabled by active materials with a large electrostatic potential difference
H Yao, Y Cui, D Qian, CS Ponseca Jr, A Honarfar, Y Xu, J Xin, Z Chen, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (19), 7743-7750, 2019
Wide-gap non-fullerene acceptor enabling high-performance organic photovoltaic cells for indoor applications
Y Cui, Y Wang, J Bergqvist, H Yao, Y Xu, B Gao, C Yang, S Zhang, ...
Nature Energy 4 (9), 768-775, 2019
Enhanced π–π Interactions of nonfullerene acceptors by volatilizable solid additives in efficient polymer solar cells
R Yu, H Yao, Z Chen, J Xin, L Hong, Y Xu, Y Zu, W Ma, J Hou
Advanced Materials 31 (18), 1900477, 2019
Printable MoOx Anode Interlayers for Organic Solar Cells
Q Kang, B Yang, Y Xu, B Xu, J Hou
Advanced Materials 30 (35), 1801718, 2018
PBDB-T and its derivatives: A family of polymer donors enables over 17% efficiency in organic photovoltaics
Z Zheng, H Yao, L Ye, Y Xu, S Zhang, J Hou
Materials Today, 2019
Physical properties of MgAl2O4, CoAl2O4, NiAl2O4, CuAl2O4, and ZnAl2O4 spinels synthesized by a solution combustion method
M Han, Z Wang, Y Xu, R Wu, S Jiao, Y Chen, S Feng
Materials Chemistry and Physics 215, 251-258, 2018
Recent Advances in Fullerene‐free Polymer Solar Cells: Materials and Devices
Y Xu, H Yao, J Hou
Chinese Journal of Chemistry 37 (3), 207-215, 2019
Reduced Nonradiative Energy Loss Caused by Aggregation of Nonfullerene Acceptor in Organic Solar Cells
Y Qin, S Zhang, Y Xu, L Ye, Y Wu, J Kong, B Xu, H Yao, H Ade, J Hou
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (35), 1901823, 2019
Multi-component non-fullerene acceptors with tunable bandgap structures for efficient organic solar cells
B Gao, H Yao, J Hou, R Yu, L Hong, Y Xu, J Hou
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (46), 23644-23649, 2018
Synthesis, microstructure, and properties of black anatase and B phase TiO2 nanoparticles
L Li, Y Chen, S Jiao, Z Fang, X Liu, Y Xu, G Pang, S Feng
Materials & Design 100, 235-240, 2016
Recent Progress in Chlorinated Organic Photovoltaic Materials
H Yao, J Wang, Y Xu, S Zhang, J Hou
Accounts of Chemical Research 53 (4), 822-832, 2020
A ternary organic solar cell with 300 nm thick active layer shows over 14% efficiency
L Ma, Y Xu, Y Zu, Q Liao, B Xu, C An, S Zhang, J Hou
Science China Chemistry 63 (1), 21-27, 2020
Enhancing the photovoltaic performance of nonfullerene acceptors via conjugated rotatable end groups
R Yu, H Yao, L Hong, Y Xu, B Gao, J Zhu, Y Zu, J Hou
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (31), 1802131, 2018
Tuning the hybridization of local exciton and charge‐transfer states in highly efficient organic photovoltaic cells
Y Xu, H Yao, L Ma, L Hong, J Li, Q Liao, Y Zu, J Wang, M Gao, L Ye, ...
Angewandte Chemie 132 (23), 9089-9095, 2020
High-Efficiency Nonfullerene Organic Solar Cells Enabled by 1000 nm Thick Active Layers with a Low Trap-State Density
L Ma, S Zhang, H Yao, Y Xu, J Wang, Y Zu, J Hou
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (16), 18777-18784, 2020
Investigating the Trade-Off between Device Performance and Energy Loss in Nonfullerene Organic Solar Cells
L Hong, H Yao, R Yu, Y Xu, B Gao, Z Ge, J Hou
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (32), 29124-29131, 2019
Synthesis of blue anatase TiO2 nanoplates with {001} facets and in situ noble metal anchoring
Y Chen, Y Xu, S Jiao, X Wang, L Li, Z Fang, G Pang, S Feng
Dyes and Pigments 129, 191-198, 2016
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