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Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and root system functioning
J Vacheron, G Desbrosses, ML Bouffaud, B Touraine, Y Moënne-Loccoz, ...
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N demand and the regulation of nitrate uptake.
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Demand-driven control of root ATP sulfurylase activity and SO42-uptake in intact canola (the role of phloem-translocated glutathione)
AG Lappartient, B Touraine
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Inter‐organ signaling in plants: regulation of ATP sulfurylase and sulfate transporter genes expression in roots mediated by phloem‐translocated compound
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Inhibition of NO3 Uptake by Various Phloem-Translocated Amino Acids in Soybean Seedlings
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Regulation of high-affinity nitrate transporter genes and high-affinity nitrate influx by nitrogen pools in roots of barley
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Effects of NaCl on flows of N and mineral ions and on NO3-reduction rate within whole plants of salt-sensitive bean and salt-tolerant cotton
H Gouia, MH Ghorbal, B Touraine
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Regulation of the nitrate transporter gene AtNRT2.1 in Arabidopsis thaliana: responses to nitrate, amino acids and developmental stage
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H Bertrand, C Plassard, X Pinochet, B Touraine, P Normand, ...
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The PGPR strain P hyllobacterium brassicacearum STM 196 induces a reproductive delay and physiological changes that result in improved drought tolerance in A rabidopsis
J Bresson, F Varoquaux, T Bontpart, B Touraine, D Vile
New Phytologist 200 (2), 558-569, 2013
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6 (5) Carboxyfluorescein as a tracer of phloem sap translocation
N Grignon, B Touraine, M Durand
American Journal of Botany 76 (6), 871-877, 1989
NO3-and ClO3-fluxes in the chl1-5 mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana (Does the CHL1-5 gene encode a low-affinity NO3-transporter?)
B Touraine, ADM Glass
Plant Physiology 114 (1), 137-144, 1997
Effects of rhizobacterial ACC deaminase activity on Arabidopsis indicate that ethylene mediates local root responses to plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria
C Contesto, G Desbrosses, C Lefoulon, G Béna, F Borel, M Galland, ...
Plant science 175 (1-2), 178-189, 2008
Regulation of nitrate uptake at the whole plant level
B Touraine, DT Clarkson, B Muller
A whole plant perspective on carbon-nitrogen interactions, 1994
Identification of a 150 bp cis‐acting element of the AtNRT2.1 promoter involved in the regulation of gene expression by the N and C status of the plant
T Girin, L Lejay, J Wirth, T Widiez, PM Palenchar, P Nazoa, B Touraine, ...
Plant, cell & environment 30 (11), 1366-1380, 2007
Charge balance in NO3−-fed soybean: estimation of K+ and carboxylate recirculation
B Touraine, N Grignon, C Grignon
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Nitrate-dependent control of root architecture and N nutrition are altered by a plant growth-promoting Phyllobacterium sp
S Mantelin, G Desbrosses, M Larcher, TJ Tranbarger, JC Cleyet-Marel, ...
Planta 223 (3), 591-603, 2006
Differential effects of mineral and organic N sources, and of ectomycorrhizal infection by Hebeloma cylindrosporum, on growth and N utilization in Pinus pinaster
C Plassard, B Bonafos, B Touraine
Plant, Cell & Environment 23 (11), 1195-1205, 2000
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