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Therapeutic effects of xanthine oxidase inhibitors: renaissance half a century after the discovery of allopurinol
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Enzyme‐Activated Gd3+ Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents with a Prominent Receptor‐Induced Magnetization Enhancement
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Structures of Fe(II) Complexes with N,N,N'-Tris(2-pyridylmethyl)ethane-1,2-diamine Type Ligands. Bleomycin-like DNA Cleavage and Enhancement by an Alkylammonium Substituent on …
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Structure and Electrochemical Studies of [(trispicMeen)ClFeIIIOFeIIICl(trispicMeen)]2+. Spectroscopic Characterization of the Mixed-Valence FeIIIOFeII Form …
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Parenteral formulations of dopamine agonists
AH Cincotta, A Nivorozhkin, N Landrau
US Patent App. 12/402,694, 2010
Facile and Convenient Syntheses of 6, 11-Dihydro-5 H-indeno [1, 2-c] isoquinolin-5-ones and 6, 11-Dihydro-5 H-indolo [3, 2-c] isoquinolin-5-one
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Direct Evidence for Bidentate Character of Potentially Tridentate N, S-Ligands. Molecular Structures of Bis [N-(2-pyridyl) thiosalicylidene-κS-amino-κN] nickel (II) and Bis {1 …
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Isoquinoline derivatives and methods of use thereof
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Structural variations in nickel (II) and copper (II) MN 4 Schiff-base complexes with deprotonated tetradentate N, N′-bis (5-aminopyrazol-4-ylmethylene) polymethylenediamine …
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Iron complexes with an N/S chromophore relevant to the active site of the hydrolytic metalloenzyme nitrile hydratase
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Chemical Communications, 1711-1712, 1997
Tetracyclic benzamide derivatives and methods of use thereof
P Jagtap, C Szabo
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Oxygen Activation by Mononuclear Non‐Heme Iron Proteins
AL Nivorozhkin, JJ Girerd
Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English 35 (6), 609-611, 1996
Spin equilibrium in five-co-ordinate Lewis-base adducts of cobalt (II) Schiff-base complexes with a S 2 N 3 ligand environment. Molecular and crystal structure of [CoL 4 (mim …
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Inversion of tetrahedral configuration of bis-{4-aminomethylenepyrazole-5-thion (seleno) ato} nickel (II) complexes
LE Nivorozhkin, AL Nivorozhkin, MS Korobov, LE Konstantinovsky, ...
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The NMR study of inversion at the metal centre and ligand exchange processes of HgII bis-chelates: X-ray crystal structure of [pyr (NC6H11-c) S] 2Hg
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Synthesis and study of the novel tri-nuclear 5-thio (seleno) pyrazolealdiminato bis-chelates containing a η6-arenechromiumtricarbonyl moiety
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IA Ka menetskaya, AS Antsyshkina, MA Porai Koshitz
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Molecular and crystal structure of fluxional bis [1-isopropyl-3-methyl-4-N-alkyl (aryl) aldiminopyrazole-5-thion] ato nickel (II) complexes [pyr (N-CH3) 2S2] Ni,[pyr (N-Ph) 2S2 …
AL Nivorozhkin, LE Nivorozhkin, VI Minkin, TG Takhirov, OA Diachenko
Polyhedron 10 (2), 179-185, 1991
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