Xuezhu Xu
Xuezhu Xu
South China Academy of Advanced Optoelectronics, South China Normal University
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Cellulose nanocrystals vs. cellulose nanofibrils: a comparative study on their microstructures and effects as polymer reinforcing agents
X Xu, F Liu, L Jiang, JY Zhu, D Haagenson, DP Wiesenborn
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X Xu, J Zhou, DH Nagaraju, L Jiang, VR Marinov, G Lubineau, ...
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Highly efficient and stable white light‐emitting diodes using perovskite quantum dot paper
CY Kang, CH Lin, CH Lin, TY Li, SW Huang Chen, CL Tsai, CW Sher, ...
Advanced Science 6 (24), 1902230, 2019
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Carbon 124, 133-141, 2017
Aqueous Exfoliated Graphene by Amphiphilic Nanocellulose and its Application in Moisture-responsive Foldable Actuators
X Xu, YL Hsieh
Nanoscale 11, 11719–11729, 2019
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