Dylan Wainwright
Dylan Wainwright
Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences, Purdue University
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A biorobotic adhesive disc for underwater hitchhiking inspired by the remora suckerfish
Y Wang, X Yang, Y Chen, DK Wainwright, CP Kenaley, Z Gong, Z Liu, ...
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DK Wainwright, T Kleinteich, A Kleinteich, SN Gorb, AP Summers
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DK Wainwright, GV Lauder
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Tunas as a high-performance fish platform for inspiring the next generation of autonomous underwater vehicles
DK Wainwright, GV Lauder
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How smooth is a dolphin? The ridged skin of odontocetes
DK Wainwright, FE Fish, S Ingersoll, TM Williams, J St Leger, AJ Smits, ...
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Imaging biological surface topography in situ and in vivo
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Scale diversity in bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus): Fat‐filled trabecular scales made of cellular bone
DK Wainwright, S Ingersoll, GV Lauder
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Propulsive performance of pitching panels with bio-inspired passive directional flexibility
R Zhu, J Wang, G Lewis, J Zhu, H Dong, H Bart-Smith, D Wainwright, ...
47th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, 3980, 2017
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Hyperspectral data as a biodiversity screening tool can differentiate among diverse Neotropical fishes
MA Kolmann, M Kalacska, O Lucanus, L Sousa, D Wainwright, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 16157, 2021
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