Gustav Tinghög
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A multilab preregistered replication of the ego-depletion effect
MS Hagger, NLD Chatzisarantis, H Alberts, CO Anggono, C Batailler, ...
Perspectives on Psychological Science 11 (4), 546-573, 2016
Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams
R Botvinik-Nezer, F Holzmeister, CF Camerer, A Dreber, J Huber, ...
Nature 582 (7810), 84-88, 2020
Intuition and cooperation reconsidered
G Tinghög, D Andersson, C Bonn, H Böttiger, C Josephson, G Lundgren, ...
Nature 498 (7452), E1-E2, 2013
Does self-control predict financial behavior and financial well-being?
C Strömbäck, T Lind, K Skagerlund, D Västfjäll, G Tinghög
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Public views on policies involving nudges
W Hagman, D Andersson, D Västfjäll, G Tinghög
Review of philosophy and psychology 6 (3), 439-453, 2015
Registered replication report: Rand, greene, and nowak (2012)
S Bouwmeester, PPJL Verkoeijen, B Aczel, F Barbosa, L Bègue, ...
Perspectives on Psychological Science 12 (3), 527-542, 2017
Financial literacy and the role of numeracy–How individuals’ attitude and affinity with numbers influence financial literacy
K Skagerlund, T Lind, C Strömbäck, G Tinghög, D Västfjäll
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Intuition and moral decision-making–the effect of time pressure and cognitive load on moral judgment and altruistic behavior
G Tinghög, D Andersson, C Bonn, M Johannesson, M Kirchler, L Koppel, ...
PloS one 11 (10), e0164012, 2016
The arithmetic of emotion: Integration of incidental and integral affect in judgments and decisions
D Västfjäll, P Slovic, WJ Burns, A Erlandsson, L Koppel, E Asutay, ...
Frontiers in psychology 7, 325, 2016
Registered replication report: Dijksterhuis and van Knippenberg (1998)
M O’Donnell, LD Nelson, E Ackermann, B Aczel, A Akhtar, S Aldrovandi, ...
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The effect of fast and slow decisions on risk taking
M Kirchler, D Andersson, C Bonn, M Johannesson, EØ Sørensen, ...
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 54 (1), 37-59, 2017
Societal cost of skin cancer in Sweden in 2005
G Tinghög, P Carlsson, I Synnerstad, I Rosdahl
Acta dermato-venereologica 88 (5), 467-473, 2008
Registered replication report on Mazar, Amir, and Ariely (2008)
B Verschuere, EH Meijer, A Jim, K Hoogesteyn, R Orthey, RJ McCarthy, ...
Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science 1 (3), 299-317, 2018
Individual responsibility for what?–a conceptual framework for exploring the suitability of private financing in a publicly funded health-care system
G Tinghőg, P Carlsson, CH Lyttkens
Health Economics, Policy and Law 5 (2), 201-223, 2010
Registered replication report on Srull and Wyer (1979)
RJ McCarthy, JJ Skowronski, B Verschuere, EH Meijer, A Jim, ...
Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science 1 (3), 321-336, 2018
National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic: Results from 67 nations
JJ Van Bavel, A Cichocka, V Capraro, H Sjåstad, JB Nezlek, M Alfano, ...
PsyArXiv, 2020
The effect of acute pain on risky and intertemporal choice
L Koppel, D Andersson, K Posadzy, D Västfjäll, G Tinghög
Experimental economics 20 (4), 878-893, 2017
The influence of identifiability and singularity in moral decision making
J Wiss, D Andersson, P Slovic, D Vastfjall, G Tinghog
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The effect of decision fatigue on surgeons' clinical decision making
E Persson, K Barrafrem, A Meunier, G Tinghög
Health economics 28 (10), 1194-1203, 2019
Bullshit-sensitivity predicts prosocial behavior
A Erlandsson, A Nilsson, G Tinghög, D Västfjäll
PloS one 13 (7), e0201474, 2018
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