Martin Johnsson
Martin Johnsson
The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh & The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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Heritable genome-wide variation of gene expression and promoter methylation between wild and domesticated chickens
D Nätt, CJ Rubin, D Wright, M Johnsson, J Beltéky, L Andersson, ...
BMC genomics 13 (1), 59, 2012
Human‐directed social behaviour in dogs shows significant heritability
ME Persson, LSV Roth, M Johnsson, D Wright, P Jensen
Genes, Brain and Behavior 14 (4), 337-344, 2015
A sexual ornament in chickens is affected by pleiotropic alleles at HAO1 and BMP2, selected during domestication
M Johnsson, I Gustafson, CJ Rubin, AS Sahlqvist, KB Jonsson, S Kerje, ...
PLoS Genetics 8 (8), e1002914, 2012
Domestication Effects on Stress Induced Steroid Secretion and Adrenal Gene Expression in Chickens.
A Fallahsharoudi, N de Kock, M Johnsson, SJ Ubhayasekera, J Bergquist, ...
Scientific reports 5, 15345-15345, 2015
Genetical genomics of behavior: a novel chicken genomic model for anxiety behavior
M Johnsson, MJ Williams, P Jensen, D Wright
Genetics 202 (1), 327-340, 2016
The role of pleiotropy and linkage in genes affecting a sexual ornament and bone allocation in the chicken
M Johnsson, CJ Rubin, A Höglund, AS Sahlqvist, KB Jonsson, S Kerje, ...
Molecular ecology 23 (9), 2275-2286, 2014
The domesticated brain: genetics of brain mass and brain structure in an avian species
R Henriksen, M Johnsson, L Andersson, P Jensen, D Wright
Scientific reports 6, 34031, 2016
Mixed ancestry and admixture in Kauai's feral chickens: invasion of domestic genes into ancient Red Junglefowl reservoirs
E Gering, M Johnsson, P Willis, T Getty, D Wright
Molecular ecology 24 (9), 2112-2124, 2015
Genetic Regulation of Bone Metabolism in the Chicken: Similarities and Differences to Mammalian Systems
DW Martin Johnsson, Kenneth B. Jonsson, Leif Andersson, Per Jensen
PLOS Genetics 11 (5), e1005250, 2015
Similar recent selection criteria associated with different behavioural effects in two dog breeds
AS Sundman, M Johnsson, D Wright, P Jensen
Genes, Brain and Behavior 15 (8), 750-756, 2016
Domestication and tameness: brain gene expression in red junglefowl selected for less fear of humans suggests effects on reproduction and immunology
J Bélteky, B Agnvall, M Johnsson, D Wright, P Jensen
Royal Society Open Science 3 (8), 160033, 2016
Feralisation targets different genomic loci to domestication in the chicken
M Johnsson, E Gering, P Willis, S Lopez, L Van Dorp, G Hellenthal, ...
Nature communications 7, 12950, 2016
Conserved gene expression in sperm reservoirs between birds and mammals in response to mating
M Atikuzzaman, M Alvarez-Rodriguez, A Vicente-Carrillo, M Johnsson, ...
BMC genomics 18 (1), 98, 2017
Genetic and targeted eQTL mapping reveals strong candidate genes modulating the stress response during chicken domestication
A Fallahsharoudi, N de Kock, M Johnsson, L Bektic, SJKA Ubhayasekera, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 7 (2), 497-504, 2017
Quantitative trait locus and genetical genomics analysis identifies putatively causal genes for fecundity and brooding in the chicken
M Johnsson, KB Jonsson, L Andersson, P Jensen, D Wright
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 6 (2), 311-319, 2016
Genetical genomics of growth in a chicken model
M Johnsson, R Henriksen, A Höglund, J Fogelholm, P Jensen, D Wright
BMC genomics 19 (1), 72, 2018
The genetics of how dogs became our social allies
P Jensen, ME Persson, D Wright, M Johnsson, AS Sundman, LSV Roth
Current Directions in Psychological Science 25 (5), 334-338, 2016
QTL mapping of stress related gene expression in a cross between domesticated chickens and ancestral red junglefowl
A Fallahsharoudi, N de Kock, M Johnsson, L Bektic, SJKA Ubhayasekera, ...
Molecular and cellular endocrinology 446, 52-58, 2017
Removal of alleles by genome editing (RAGE) against deleterious load
M Johnsson, RC Gaynor, J Jenko, G Gorjanc, DJ de Koning, JM Hickey
Genetics Selection Evolution 51 (1), 14, 2019
Impact of index hopping and bias towards the reference allele on accuracy of genotype calls from low-coverage sequencing
R Ros-Freixedes, M Battagin, M Johnsson, G Gorjanc, AJ Mileham, ...
Genetics Selection Evolution 50 (1), 64, 2018
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